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Highlights of the New WHO Chronic Hepatitis B Guidelines

UnknownHave you had an opportunity to take a look at the new World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for the treatment of those with chronic hepatitis B?

Guidelines developed by other medical organizations including AASLD, EASL, and APASL were focused mainly on the prevention, care and treatment of hepatitis B for those living in higher income countries. The new WHO guidelines were developed with low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs) in mind, though they are certainly applicable in high-income countries as well. Continue reading "Highlights of the New WHO Chronic Hepatitis B Guidelines"

HBV Journal Review April 2015

ChrisKHBF is pleased to connect our blog readers to Christine Kukka’s monthly HBV Journal Review that she writes for the HBV Advocate. The journal presents the
 latest in hepatitis B research, treatment, and prevention from recent academic and medical journals. This month, the following topics are explored:

  • Half of Patients with HBV Genotype C Will Lose HBsAg
  • Five-year Study Shows Tenofovir Dramatically Improves Cirrhosis
  • Tenofovir Also Effective Against Adefovir and Multi-drug Resistance
  • Tenofovir Is Effective in Pregnant Women Who Have Resistance to Other Drugs
  • Estimates of Liver Cirrhosis in the U.S. Jump 50%
  • Taking Antivirals for Three Years After Undetectable Viral Load Reduces Relapse Risk
  • Study Finds Antivirals Can Replace Costly HBIG after Liver Transplant Surgery
  • Hospitalized Hepatitis B Patients Have Higher Death Rates and Longer Stays Than Hepatitis C Patients
  • Small Study Finds Psoriasis Treatment May Not Reactivate Hepatitis B
  • Emulsion Made from Ginkgo Leaves Shows Promise Against Hepatitis B
  • Experimental Treatment Boosts the Immune System and Slows Viral Replication
  • HIV-HBV Coinfected Patients Have High Rates of Hip Fractures

Continue reading "HBV Journal Review April 2015"