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Welcome to Hepatitis Delta Connect!

A dedicated program of the Hepatitis B Foundation to increase awareness about hepatitis delta - a serious virus that coinfects hepatitis B patients - and to promote screening and testing, and provide information and support for those affected. 

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Bright and Evangeline sit down with Dan to talk about his experience with hepatitis Delta. We talk about his initial feelings surrounding the diagnosis, his treatment, how he got involved with the Hepatitis B Foundation, and his hope for the future of all people living with hepatitis B and Delta. Listen here today!

Join us for our next hepatitis delta webinar in June!

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This will be a two-part series. Part 1, happening on June 8th, 2023 at 10am Eastern Time, will feature a panel discussion about hepatitis delta in the European context, the status of approvals of Hepcludex (bulevirtide) around the continent, and how the medication is changing the HDV landscape. We will be joined by panelists from the UK, Spain, Romania, France, and Italy. Part 2, taking place on June 15th, 2023 at 10am Eastern Time, will explore the epidemiology of hepatitis delta in areas of the world in which bulevirtide has not yet been approved, as well as challenges with diagnostics and management of the virus in different contexts. We will be joined by panelists in North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Hope to see you there! Please click here to register for part 1 and click here to register for part 2!

Hep Delta Patient and Provider Surveys FB IG

We would love to hear from you! Complete the survey to sign upPlease note: This survey link is specifically for those living with hepatitis delta, or those who are caretakers of people living with hepatitis delta.

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Take our brief survey & sign up to receive updates on clinical trials, info about hepatitis delta monitoring, management & care + more! Sign up today! Please note: This survey link is specifically for healthcare providers caring for people living with hepatitis delta.

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News & Updates

March 2023 Blog Post: Why Is Hepatitis Delta So Hard to Eliminate?

December 2022 Blog Post: What You Need to Know About the 2022 Liver Meeting and How it Relates to Hepatitis Delta

September 2022 Blog Post: What's the Difference? Herbal Remedies and Supplements vs. Western Medicine

July 2022 Blog Post: Results from Hepatitis Delta Clinical Trials Announced at 2022 International Liver Congress

View our webinar, "The Lived Experience of Hepatitis Delta" recording here.

05/17/2023: The Many Functions Of The Hepatitis D Antigen Proteins
05/16/2023: Hundreds of NHS patients in England and Wales offered access to first treatment conditionally licensed for the most aggressive form of viral hepatitis
05/15/2023: With NICE nod, Gilead clears another regulatory hurdle in Europe for Hepcludex
05/10/2023: RNA Gymnastics: How Does Hepatitis Delta Virus Replicate?
05/05/2023: After FDA rejection, Gilead's Hepcludex looks set for full EU nod
04/06/2023: Molecular and Clinical Features of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with HBV-HDV Infection
04/06/2023: Hepatitis D double reflex testing of all hepatitis B carriers in low HBV and high HBV/high HDV prevalence countries
03/20/2023: Real-world studies show efficacy, safety of BLV monotherapy in patients with HDV-related compensated cirrhosis
03/17/2023: Hepatitis Delta, Aisf and Simit specialists present joint and updated document
03/14/2023: Scottish Medicines Consortium accepts treatment for chronic hepatitis delta virus
03/2023: Improved hepatitis delta virus genome characterization by single molecule full-length genome sequencing combined with VIRiONT pipeline
01/21/2023: Bulevirtide in the Treatment of Hepatitis Delta: Drug Discovery, Clinical Development and Place in Therapy
01/11/2023: Identifying and Screening At-Risk Patients for Hepatitis Delta Virus: A Case Report
01/03/2023: A 3-Year Course Of Bulevirtide Monotherapy May Cure HDV Infection In Cirrhotics
01/2023: Effect of variants in LGP2 on MDA5-mediated activation of interferon response and suppression of hepatitis D virus replication
01/2023: D is for Diagnosis, Whom to Screen for hepatitis Delta virus
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