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A dedicated program of the Hepatitis B Foundation to increase awareness about hepatitis delta - a serious virus that coinfects hepatitis B patients - and to promote screening and testing, and provide information and support for those affected. 

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Watch Our Most Recent Webinar: Hepatitis Delta: The Case for Double-Reflex Testing for All Individuals Living with Hepatitis B

Dr. Devin Razavi-Shearer of the Center for Disease Analysis Foundation shared insights from a recent publication advocating for hepatitis delta double-reflex testing for all individuals living with hepatitis B in low HBV- and high HBV/HDV-prevalence countries. Dr. Razavi-Shearer also discussed some recent work that has been done to establish clearer estimates of hepatitis delta prevalence globally. Watch the webinar recording here!

New White Paper on Hepatitis Delta Research, Awareness, Screening, and Linkage to Care

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The Hepatitis B Foundation took the lead on publishing a white paper about the urgent action needed to make advancements in hepatitis D research, awareness, and patient care. Read it here!

New Clinical Practice Guidelines from the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)

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EASL has recently published hepatitis delta clinical guidelines with recommendations for testing and surveillance. Read the new guidelines here!

Are You Interested in Participating in a Study?

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Are you living with hepatitis delta virus (HDV) in the United States? Join a new research study! Researchers from the University of Miami are interested in hearing your experiences with diagnosis and treatment, to improve access to appropriate and individualized care. The study involves a one-hour virtual interview, and compensation is available!

If you are interested in participating, please complete a brief survey here!

Hep Delta Patient and Provider Surveys FB IG

We would love to hear from you! Complete the survey to sign upPlease note: This survey link is specifically for those living with hepatitis delta, or those who are caretakers of people living with hepatitis delta.

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Take our brief survey & sign up to receive updates on clinical trials, info about hepatitis delta monitoring, management & care + more! Sign up today! Please note: This survey link is specifically for healthcare providers caring for people living with hepatitis delta.

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News & Updates

June 2023 Blog Post: Drug Profile: Three Hepatitis Delta Therapies That We Hope to See Widely Available Soon

March 2023 Blog Post: Why Is Hepatitis Delta So Hard to Eliminate?

December 2022 Blog Post: What You Need to Know About the 2022 Liver Meeting and How it Relates to Hepatitis Delta

September 2022 Blog Post: What's the Difference? Herbal Remedies and Supplements vs. Western Medicine

View our webinar, "The Lived Experience of Hepatitis Delta" recording here.

09/12/2023: Late-Stage Trial in Chronic Hepatitis D Discontinued Due to Safety Concerns
08/14/2023: Prevalence and genotypes distribution of virus hepatitis B and hepatitis delta virus in chronic liver diseases in Kazakhstan
08/12/2023: An Insight Into the Factors Affecting the Prevalence and Natural History of Hepatitis D
08/07/2023: A promising investigational therapeutic monoclonal antibody to treat chronic hepatitis B and D infections
07/28/2023: New Study Dismantles Everything We Knew About The Disease
07/26/2023: Diagnosis and Management of Hepatitis Delta Virus Infection
07/26/2023: Development of quantitative multiplex RT-qPCR one step assay for detection of hepatitis delta virus
07/24/2023: Prevalence and determinants of hepatitis delta virus infection among HIV/hepatitis B-coinfected adults in care in the United States
07/06/2023: A Glimmer of Hope for an Orphan Disease
07/06/2023: Hepatitis D Virus Infection
07/06/2023: A Phase 3, Randomized Trial of Bulevirtide in Chronic Hepatitis D
06/29/2023: Lonafarnib regimens ‘exceed end-of-treatment response’; oral therapy may be viable in HDV
06/24/2023: Vir Biotechnology Presents New Data Evaluating the Potential for VIR-2218 and VIR-3434 as Therapies for Chronic Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D
06/23/2023: Gilead reports positive results in HDV patients previously unresponsive to therapy
06/23/2023: Gilead data reinforce case for Hepcludex in hepatitis delta
06/23/2023: EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines on hepatitis delta virus
06/22/2023: Advancing research, awareness, screening, and linkage to care to eliminate HDV in the U.S.
06/21/2023: Significantly Higher Clinical and Economic Burden Following Diagnosis of Hepatitis Delta Virus Infection Among Commercially Insured Adults With Chronic Hepatitis B in the United States
06/01/2023: Bluejay Therapeutics Advances in Hepatitis B and D Trials: Successfully Completes BJT-778 Phase 1a Study and Begins Phase 1b Trial Enrollment
05/17/2023: The Many Functions Of The Hepatitis D Antigen Proteins
05/16/2023: Hundreds of NHS patients in England and Wales offered access to first treatment conditionally licensed for the most aggressive form of viral hepatitis
05/15/2023: With NICE nod, Gilead clears another regulatory hurdle in Europe for Hepcludex
05/10/2023: RNA Gymnastics: How Does Hepatitis Delta Virus Replicate?
05/05/2023: After FDA rejection, Gilead's Hepcludex looks set for full EU nod
04/07/2023: Long-term follow-up of patients discontinuing bulevirtide treatment upon long-term HDV-RNA suppression
04/06/2023: Molecular and Clinical Features of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with HBV-HDV Infection
04/06/2023: Hepatitis D double reflex testing of all hepatitis B carriers in low HBV and high HBV/high HDV prevalence countries
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