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A dedicated program of the Hepatitis B Foundation to increase awareness about hepatitis delta - a serious virus that coinfects hepatitis B patients - and to promote screening and testing, and provide information and support for those affected. 

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B Informed Series! A Session about Hep B and D in the Harm Reduction Space

B Informed! is a Hepatitis B Virtual Education Series geared toward anyone interested in learning more about hepatitis B including patients, family members, community advocates, health care providers, public health professionals, and community members.

This session features Beatrice Zovich and Holly Moore from the Hepatitis B Foundation speaking on Hepatitis B and Delta in the harm reduction space. View recording here!

Watch Our Latest Webinar


Hear from expert researcher and clinician, Dr. Robert J. Wong, as he discusses recent research on hepatitis delta prevalence and the significant clinical and economic burden of hepatitis delta in the United States. View recording here!

New White Paper on Hepatitis Delta Research, Awareness, Screening, and Linkage to Care

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The Hepatitis B Foundation took the lead on publishing a white paper about the urgent action needed to make advancements in hepatitis D research, awareness, and patient care. Read it here!

New Clinical Practice Guidelines from the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL)

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EASL has recently published hepatitis delta clinical guidelines with recommendations for testing and surveillance. Read the new guidelines here!

Hep Delta Patient and Provider Surveys FB IG

We would love to hear from you! Complete the survey to sign upPlease note: This survey link is specifically for those living with hepatitis delta, or those who are caretakers of people living with hepatitis delta.

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Take our brief survey & sign up to receive updates on clinical trials, info about hepatitis delta monitoring, management & care + more! Sign up today! Please note: This survey link is specifically for healthcare providers caring for people living with hepatitis delta.

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We've educated 13,000 people in 111 countries!


News & Updates

Advances in Viral Hepatitis B and D: Moving Toward the Goals of Elimination - A book from Dr. Robert Gish, leading expert in Hepatitis Delta, is available for purchase

October 2023 Presentation: Hepatitis Delta: Increasing Awareness and Treatment Competencies For Practicing Clinicians

October 2023 Presentation: Disease Progression Among Commercially Insured Hepatitis Delta Virus Infected Patients in the United States

November 2023 Blog Post: The Provider’s Perspective on Hepatitis Delta: A Conversation with Ilan Weisberg, MD

2/14/2024: Eliminating viral hepatitis: no room for complacency
12/19/2023: Prevalence of hepatitis D virus infection among patients with chronic hepatitis B infection in a tertiary care centre in Thailand
11/29/2023: Transient elastography effectively detects severe fibrosis, cirrhosis in HDV
11/17/2023: Prevalence and characteristics of hepatitis delta virus infection in patients with hepatitis B in the United States: An analysis of the All-Payer Claims Database
11/14/2023: Replicor updates REP 2139-Mg compassionate use and mechanistic data at AASLD 2023
11/9/2023: Hepatitis D: A Review
11/2023: Maternal-to-Child Transmission of Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis Delta Virus
11/2023: Hepatitis D: a neglected aspect of elimination efforts
10/25/2023: Comparative effectiveness of seven interventions for chronic hepatitis D: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
10/03/2023: The elimination of hepatitis D as a public health problem: Needs and challenges
10/03/2023: AB-1659, A Potent Orally Bioavailable NTCP Inhibitor That Blocks Entry of HBV/HDV Viruses
10/02/2023: Assembly Biosciences Nominates Development Candidate ABI-6250, an Orally Bioavailable HDV Entry Inhibitor
09/12/2023: Late-Stage Trial in Chronic Hepatitis D Discontinued Due to Safety Concerns
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