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A dedicated program of the Hepatitis B Foundation to increase awareness about hepatitis delta - a serious virus that coinfects hepatitis B patients - and to promote screening and testing, and provide information and support for those affected. 

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News & Updates

March 2021 Blog Post: Hepatitis B and Hepatitis Delta

January 2021 Blog Post: Eiger Presents Clinical Trial Results at The Liver Meeting Digital Experience™ 2020

September 2020 Blog Post: New Hepatitis Delta Treatment Approved by European Commission

May 2020 Blog Post: Does Hepatitis Delta Increase My Risk for Liver Cancer?

View our recent webinar, Hepatitis Delta Treatment Endpoints: How Do We Measure Success in the Era of Emerging Therapies? recording here.

11/19/2021: Gilead Files BLA for Bulevirtide to Treat Chronic HDV Infection
09/29/2021: The Kinesin KIF4 Mediates HBV/HDV Entry Through Regulation of Surface NTCP Localization and Can Be Targeted by RXR Agonists in vitro
08/24/2021: The Highly Complementary Model of Hepatitis D and Hepatitis B, Described by Scientists, Can Broadly Cover the HDV Replication Cycle
07/28/2021: Hepatitis D: Neglected Disease in the Race to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis by 2030
07/27/2021: Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Hepatitis B & D Virus Co-Infected Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Longitudinal Studies
07/12/2021: Significant Disparities in the International Incidence of Hepatitis Delta Virus
06/25/2021: Gilead Preps Filing for Hepatitis D Therapy Hepcludex in US
06/24/2021: Treatment With Hepcludex® (Bulevirtide) Was Shown to Achieve Significant Response in Chronic Hepatitis Delta Virus After 24 Weeks
04/01/2021: Hepatitis Delta Infection Among Persons with HIV in Europe
11/30/20: New Insights into Hepatitis D Virus Persistence: The Role of Interferon Response and Implications for Upcoming Novel Therapies
11/17/20: Eiger Announces Positive Peginterferon Lambda-Lonafarnib Combination End-of-Study Results from Phase 2 LIFT HDV Study at the Liver Meeting Digital Experience 2020
11/16/20: Eiger Announces Case Studies Demonstrating Regression of Liver Fibrosis Following 48 Weeks of Therapy with Peginterferon Lambda in Patients with Chronic HDV Infection at the Liver Meeting Digital Experience 2020
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