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Patient-facing infographics

The resources presented here are based on data obtained from the Hepatitis B Foundation patient engagement survey in 2020. The survey was an anonymous and online and was offered globally for individuals living with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) and aged 18 years old and older.

We received 1,707 responses from people living in 100 countries around the globe.

graph for patient facing materials

The survey asked questions about participants’ experience living with chronic hepatitis B, such as the impact of CHB on their health, daily lives, and relationships. Respondents also answered questions about how they managed their CHB, and how they felt about clinical trials for new hepatitis B medications. 

Additionally, the Hepatitis B Foundation conducted 24 one-on-one interviews with people living with CHB and asked them the same questions in more detail.

We are sharing what we learned about respondents’ perspectives on the impact of CHB on their physical, emotional, social and professional lives. Individuals and organizations are welcome to use and share these resources to raise the awareness about the significant impact of living with CHB, and ways to mitigate it.

Click the images below to see full size versions of the infographics. 

Infographic 9 Infographic 10 Infographic 11
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