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Frequently Asked Questions about Hepatitis B

Below are links to some of our most commonly asked questions. 

What is hepatitis B?

Why is hepatitis B so dangerous?

Is there a cure for hepatitis B? 

What treatments (medicines) are available for chronic hepatitis B?

If the currently approved hepatitis B drugs do not provide a cure, then how are they helping?

What can I do if I live in the U.S. and the insurance co-pay for my hepatitis B drugs costs too much for me to buy them?

Is there any special diet for people living with chronic hepatitis B infection?

What blood tests are important to diagnose and evaluate my hepatitis B infection? 

Does everyone with chronic hepatitis B need to take medicine? 

Will herbals, natural "remedies", Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, or vitamins and minerals control hepatitis B? 

If I don't need to take medicine for my hepatitis B at this time, what must I do to support my liver?

Can a hepatitis B infection be prevented? How can I protect my loved ones? 

Is the hepatitis B vaccine safe? 

Is the hepatitis B vaccine safe during pregnancy? 

Can I catch hepatitis B from the vaccine?

If I started the vaccine series but didn't complete my 2nd or 3rd dose on schedule, do I have to start over?

I received my vaccine years ago--am I still protected?

Should I get the hepatitis B vaccine if I have a chronic HBV infection or have recovered from a past infection?

Where can I get vaccinated against hepatitis B in the USA?

What should I do if I am diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B?

I am diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B, can I get married and have children?

I am currently pregnant, and I have hepatitis B. What should I do to protect my baby? 

Can I donate blood if I have hepatitis B?

If I have chronic hepatitis B infection, can I hug my children, partner or friend?

I’m in love, when and how do I tell my (prospective) partner that I have hepatitis B?

If hepatitis B is sexually transmitted, how come my partner isn’t infected?

If chronic hepatitis B is a silent disease, why do I have symptoms?

Sometimes I feel sad and depressed because of my hepatitis B status, what should I do?

I keep hearing about a “Functional Cure” for chronic hepatitis B, what does this mean?

Liver Cancer 

What is the likelihood that someone infected with hepatitis B will develop liver cancer?

I’m living with hepatitis B, what should I do to reduce my risk of developing liver cancer?

Clinical Trials 

My country does not have a clinical trial for hepatitis B. Is it possible to travel to another country to participate?