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Clinical Trials for Hepatitis B

Welcome to the Hepatitis B Foundation Clinical Trials Guide

The future is bright for people with chronic hepatitis B, thanks in a large part to advancements in medical science. All drugs must go through a testing process, which involves three phases of clinical trials, to evaluate its safety and effectiveness before being approved.

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Volunteering for a clinical trial program can be very valuable. Expensive blood work, treatment medications, and doctor's visits are usually provided free of charge for those accepted into a study. Clinical trials also provide the opportunity to potentially benefit from the latest advances in medical science. 

Although participation in a clinical trial can be valuable, there are many clinical trials around the U.S. and the world, and it can be difficult to find the best one for you. The National Library of Medicine manages a large website that can help you find clinical trials around the world. In order to help you easily find clinical trials that may be right for you, the Hepatitis B Foundation has created a guide to help you search. You can also refer to the “How to Search” resource on for additional help navigating the website.

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Clinical Trials Finder - Find A Clinical Trial Near You! 

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