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Slaying the Fibrolamellar Beast


Fibrolamellar Chimera- Slay the Beast
The chimera mutation is common to all fibrolamellar tissue. The mythological chimera is part lion, part goat, and part serpent. Original Chimera illustration by Jessica Guercia Design by Deborah Corrigan Visual Arts | DeborahCorriganVA.com.

February 28 is Rare Disease Day.

Last year, we featured the story of Gail Trecosta, who described how her teenage son Matthew was bravely battling a rare form of liver cancer called fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma (FHC).

This year we are featuring FHC again but with a renewed sense of urgency and purpose.  Continue reading "Slaying the Fibrolamellar Beast"

The Fifty Shades of “Gray” of Hepatitis B Transmission – Part 1

1716136dfa105e7f9bdf96de16e31742All pun and a little fun is intended with this title, but the “adult” version of hepatitis B transmission is a serious concern. There are “shades of gray” when it comes to hepatitis B transmission and the degree of risk with sexual activity. Continue reading "The Fifty Shades of “Gray” of Hepatitis B Transmission – Part 1"

HBV Journal Review February 2015

ChrisKHBF is pleased to connect our blog readers to Christine Kukka’s monthly HBV Journal Review that she writes for the HBV Advocate. The journal presents the
 latest in hepatitis B research, treatment, and prevention from recent academic and medical journals. This month, the following topics are explored:

  • Quality of Care for Women with Hepatitis B Varies Dramatically Across U.S.
  • One-third of HBeAg-negative Women Experience “Flares” After Childbirth
  • Immunizing Newborns Is an Effective Tool in Preventing Cancer
  • Experts Warn: Don’t Delay Treatment in Patients with HBV Genotype C
  • Antivirals Help Patients with Cirrhosis, If Started Early Enough
  • Entecavir Effective at Clearing HBV’s cccDNA from Liver Cells
  • Older Age and a Weakened Immune System Can Cause HBV to Reactivate
  • Survey Shows Doctors Fail to Adequately Screen for Liver Cancer
  • Innovative Venues Increase Hepatitis B Screening Among Asian-Americans
  • Study Finds Waste Collectors at High Risk of Hepatitis B
  • Study Comparing Four Antivirals Finds All Appear Effective

Continue reading "HBV Journal Review February 2015"