HBF Reports and Publications

The Hepatitis B Foundation has produced the following reports and published manuscripts to work toward the elimination of hepatitis B.

The Impact of Nail Salon Industry Policies and Regulations on Hepatitis B Awareness and Prevention (2019)
This report reviews results of an analysis of the nail salon occupational environment and culture, and identifies opportunities for state-level policy or regulatory interventions and community-based strategies to increase education, screening, prevention, and treatment for hepatitis B.

Roadmap for a Cure (2017)
This report provides an overview of our research agenda, with information on priority research areas and potential funding.

Research Priorities for the Discovery of a Cure for Chronic Hepatitis B: Report of a Workshop (Science Direct, 2017)
This publication summarizes the opinions of 30 experts in the fields of hepatitis B and liver cancer research convened by the Hepatitis B Foundation to identify projects they deemed important to the goal of finding a cure for chronic hepatitis B and D and the diseases with which these viral infections are associated.

Hepatitis B Foundation and FDA Meeting Report (2017)
Representatives from the Hepatitis B Foundation and HBV Forum met with representatives from the US FDA in March 2017 to discuss clinical development of hepatitis B therapeutics.