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World Hepatitis Day

Every year on July 28th, we celebrate World Hepatitis Day in honor of Dr. Baruch Blumberg’s birthday. Dr. Blumberg discovered the hepatitis B virus in 1967 and subsequently developed the hepatitis B vaccine two years later in 1969. We commemorate World Hepatitis Day by raising awareness about viral hepatitis. With almost 300 million individuals living with hepatitis B worldwide, it is so important to bring awareness to this preventable and treatable disease. If you can support our efforts to bring awareness and find a cure, please donate here.

This year, we are planning a daylong patient conference in Philadelphia, which will hope to share live online. Details will be posted here very soon.

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day

In 2023, we focused on hepatitis B storytellers.

To get to know our new #BtheVoice storytellers right now! We have new #BtheVoice videos from real patients living in Nigeria. These audio recordings were captured by Catherine Freeland, MPH, Program Director of Public Health at the Hepatitis B Foundation during a recent trip to Nigeria where she helped to bring awareness to mother-to-child transmission and the need for timely birth dose. 

We believe that elevating the voices of those who have hepatitis B is the best way to spread awareness for the need to find a cure, provide screening and treatment and work to fight stigma and discrimination. 

Hear these moving stories here: 

Sonia: #ICantWait to vaccinate my baby. 

Ismail: #ICantWait for a world without stigma. 

John: #ICantWait to get treated for hepatitis B.

Gold: #ICantWait to tell my friends to get tested and vaccinated. 

Dayo's Story: #ICantWait to get tested.  

You can help support programs like #BtheVoice and other outreach projects as well as work toward a cure with a donation here