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World Hepatitis Day

Every year on July 28th, we celebrate World Hepatitis Day in honor of Dr. Baruch Blumberg’s birthday. Dr. Blumberg discovered the hepatitis B virus in 1967 and subsequently developed the hepatitis B vaccine two years later in 1969. We commemorate World Hepatitis Day by raising awareness about viral hepatitis. With almost 300 million individuals living with hepatitis B worldwide, it is so important to bring awareness to this preventable and treatable disease. If you can support our efforts to bring awareness and find a cure, please donate here

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day

We are focusing on hepatitis B storytellers.

To get to know our new #BtheVoice storytellers right now! We have new #BtheVoice videos from real patients living in Nigeria. These audio recordings were captured by Catherine Freeland, MPH, Program Director of Public Health at the Hepatitis B Foundation during a recent trip to Nigeria where she helped to bring awareness to mother-to-child transmission and the need for timely birth dose. 

We believe that elevating the voices of those who have hepatitis B is the best way to spread awareness for the need to find a cure, provide screening and treatment and work to fight stigma and discrimination. 

Hear these moving stories here: 

Sonia: #ICantWait to vaccinate my baby. 

Ismail: #ICantWait for a world without stigma. 

John: #ICantWait to get treated for hepatitis B.

Gold: #ICantWait to tell my friends to get tested and vaccinated. 

Dayo's Story: #ICantWait to get tested.  

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