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Check out this video with a liver cancer survivor on Closing the Care Gap!

This panel discussion features someone with lived experience of liver cancer and his wife in conversation with researchers and patient advocates. The discussion highlights what is missing in order to improve the lives of people diagnosed with HCC. Check it out today!

Watch our latest webinar! In it, panelists discuss conclusions & insights from a recent project to identify & close disparities in hepatitis B & liver cancer knowledge and screening rates among highly impacted communities around the US. Check it out today!

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Check out a special episode from the 2022 HBV Meeting in Paris!  Ed Tate, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Hepatitis B Foundation was able to interview Dr. Mathias Heikenwalder to talk about updates on liver cancer research.

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Liver Cancer Connect is a dedicated program of the Hepatitis B Foundation that was created to provide individuals and families with the information and support they need when facing the challenge of primary liver cancer. Although this is a serious diagnosis, there is good reason to have hope because of the many advances made in the early detection, management and treatment of liver cancer.

In the News

BAIAP2L2 is a Novel Prognostic Biomarker Related to Migration and Invasion of HCC and Associated with Cuprotosis

Advancing the Care of Advanced HCC – A Hepatologist’s Perspective

After FDA rejection, Gilead's Hepcludex looks set for full EU nod

Evidence Grows for Avoiding Biopsy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Novel Use of Artificial Intelligence Shows Promise to Improve HCC Detection

Molecular and Clinical Features of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with HBV-HDV Infection

Genentech’s Tecentriq Plus Avastin Reduced the Risk of Cancer Returning in People With Certain Types of Adjuvant Liver Cancer in a Phase III Study

Generic Drugs in Oncology (Recent Lancet article) 

A Novel Online Calculator Based on Serum Biomarkers to Detect Hepatocellular Carcinoma among Patients with Hepatitis B

4 Liver Cancer Treatment Advances

The Cancer Experience Registry is an online survey that allows people facing cancer to share their experiences, identify the issues that impact their life, and help them understand their experiences.

Minimally-invasive surgical options for liver cancer and liver tumors, and other options from the multidisciplinary team from Johns Hopkins (Video)

Review of insights into the success and failure of systemic therapy for liver cancer

REACH-B Score for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

About Herbs, Botanicals, and Other Products (from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

Pan Tumor Clinical Trial Is Actively Recruiting to Investigate the Effects of Nivolumab When Given Under the Skin With or Without rHuPH20. Learn more! 

FDA approves a combination of the immunotherapy drugs durvalumab (Imfinzi®) plus the experimental drug tremelimumab for people with unresectable hepatocellular cancer, the most common type of liver cancer

AstraZeneca’s immunotherapy tremelimumab has secured its first FDA approval and is to be sold under the brand name Imjudo

Antiviral therapy improves survival among elderly patients after hepatectomy for hepatitis B virus (HBV)–related hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)

Cabozantinib plus atezolizumab in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma and the role of adjuvant antiviral therapy

Case 3: Novel Frontline Combination Strategies for Unresectable HCC (Video)

Assessing the Risk of HCC for Hepatitis B Treatments

Study Uncovers New Treatment Approaches for Liver Cancer Patients

NUS Scientists Discover New Clues to Liver Cancer Progression

What Gastroenterologists Need to Know About New Guidelines on Systemic HCC Therapy

Bringing Early Cancer Detection to the Masses

Researchers Identify a New tsRNA in Blood to Improve Liver Cancer Diagnosis

New strategies and the partnerships needed to bring early detection of cancer to everyone

Importance of screening for hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis B virus: Patient and physician sharing session, a podcast with Ming-Lung Yu, MD, PhD

The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) issues clinical guidelines on the use of radiation therapy to treat adult patients with primary liver cancers using external beam radiation therapy (EBRT).

Dr. Gish talks about the importance of liver cancer surveillance and the blood work and imaging involved in regular monitoring - all in less than 2 minutes (Video)

Listen to this episode of B Heppy with Dr. Rothstein about the relationship between liver cancer & hep B (Podcast)

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) releases an update to its guideline for hepatobiliary cancers

NCCN Guidelines for Patients Liver Cancer

Immunotherapy for advanced HCC: Experts answer clinician questions

Current and Future Immunotherapy Approaches for HCC: Evidence, Guidance, and Resources (Podcast)

Insights into the success and failure of systemic therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma

What Cancer Survivors Should Know About Their Mental Health

EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines: Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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