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Join a study with the University of Miami!

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Researchers at the University of Miami are conducting interviews with patients, healthcare providers, and peer advocates to learn more about how we can eliminate disparities in liver cancer (HCC) survival. Although racial disparities in HCC incidence and survival were first documented in 1999, our knowledge of the contributors to disparities has advanced minimally since then.

Learning more about patients', providers' and advocates' personal perceptions of the needs of an HCC patient will inform the development of a navigation system to better assist and treat HCC patients. We are interested in analyzing how target navigation increases engagement w/ health care system, prescription of appropriate treatment, and enrollment in clinical research.

Implementing navigators to conduct a needs assessment on patients, provide a general education about liver cancer, and help patients communicate with the healthcare team would have significant implications for HCC patients.

This interview will take approximately 45 minutes of participants time. Participants will receive a $50 gift card for participating.

If you are interested in participating CLICK HERE or have any questions or concerns about the research, please feel free to contact Patricia Jones, If you choose to participate, we may contact you to ask if you would like to participate in other studies.

Check out this video with a liver cancer survivor on Closing the Care Gap!

This is a clinical trials education video for people who are considering participation in a trial. The video explains and answers common questions about the types of clinical trials, how they are conducted, and factors to think about when deciding whether or not to participate in a trial. The video also features actual patients who share their reasons and decisions about participating in cancer clinical trials.

This panel discussion features someone with lived experience of liver cancer and his wife in conversation with researchers and patient advocates. The discussion highlights what is missing in order to improve the lives of people diagnosed with HCC. Check it out today!

Watch our latest webinar! In it, panelists discuss conclusions & insights from a recent project to identify & close disparities in hepatitis B & liver cancer knowledge and screening rates among highly impacted communities around the US. Check it out today!

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Check out a special episode from the 2022 HBV Meeting in Paris!  Ed Tate, Director of Communications and Marketing at the Hepatitis B Foundation, was able to interview Dr. Mathias Heikenwalder to talk about updates on liver cancer research.


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Liver Cancer Connect is a dedicated program of the Hepatitis B Foundation that was created to provide individuals and families with the information and support they need when facing the challenge of primary liver cancer. Although this is a serious diagnosis, there is good reason to have hope because of the many advances made in the early detection, management and treatment of liver cancer.

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