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#justB: Real People Sharing Their Hepatitis B Stories

justBThe #justB storytelling campaign aims to raise the profile of hepatitis B as an urgent public health priority and helps put a human face on this serious disease by sharing stories of real people living with or affected by hepatitis B. The goals of the campaign are to increase awareness and advocacy; decrease stigma and discrimination; and promote testing, vaccination, linkage to care, and treatment to help save lives. The #justB storytelling campaign is a program of the Hepatitis B Foundation in collaboration with StoryCenter and AAPCHO.

Espi's story

Espi found out that she has hepatitis B when she was 64. For some time, she was monitored every six months, but eventually a doctor told her she could die if she didn’t begin treatment. Instead of automatically taking his advice, she researched her options. She also kept active, ate well, and tried not to worry. Finding a support group helped her to decide on her own terms to take medication, when she had all the information she needed.

Espi's story is available in English and Tagalog.



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If you live outside the United States, we recently launched the B the Voice Story Bank as part of our new 300 Million Reasons campaign. Building upon the success of our national #justB campaign, B the Voice provides an online platform for people living with hepatitis B, their families, and community health workers and health care providers to share their first-hand knowledge and experiences with a global audience. 

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#justB is made possible by the generosity of:

Arbutus Biopharma, Gilead, Dynavax Technologies, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals

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