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Current Patient Opportunities

The Hepatitis B Foundation is pleased to share information about current and upcoming opportunities for people living with hepatitis B. These opportunities can be tools and resources, clinical trials, or other research opportunities to learn more from people who have hepatitis B.

Announcing a New Patient Education Tool from CME Outfitters!

CME Outfitters HBV Patient Education Hub SM Graphics 11

CME Outfitters, a company known for providing innovative, evidence-based digital continuing education activities for medical professionals, has recently unveiled a new hub of educational tools for people living with hepatitis B and their loved ones. 

The Hepatitis B Foundation is providing editorial content and advice to CME Outfitters for this effort, which has been launched with a 3-month communications campaign. 

The tool includes a hepatitis B overview, information on treatment and co-infection, and tools for communicating with your healthcare provider, among other resources. Check it out today! 


Study Opportunity Available for People Experiencing Itching (Cholestatic Pruritus) Due to Liver Disease or Injury

Revised GSK Pruritus Paid Opportunity Research Study IG 4

Help advance liver research! If you are living with itching (cholestatic pruritus) caused by hepatitis B, hepatitis C,  drug-induced liver injury, auto-immune hepatitis, or primary sclerosing  cholangitis (PSC), you may  be eligible to participate in a new opportunity to help researchers understand the lived experience of this condition. A new research study is seeking individuals 12-80 years of age in the US and Canada for interviews. You will be compensated for your time! Contact the study coordinator for more information and to be screened.

Please note that this study does not include treatment and pruritus must be at an intensity level of 4 on a scale of 1-10 for at least the past 8 weeks in order to participate. Participants cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding or have a diagnosis of primary biliary cholangitis. 

Your voice is important - play a role in scientific understanding! 

New Animations Shed Light on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Fibrosis

CME Outfitters Animation Campaign Week 2 TW 2CME Outfitters has released two new animated   videos - one to highlight the ins and outs of hepatitis A, B, and C, including transmission and available treatments, and the other to illustrate the stages of liver fibrosis and the goals of treatment. These videos are quick, colorful, and easy to understand and are chock-full of valuable information! The videos are subtitled in in Vietnamese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), and Korean. Check them out here!


Disclaimer – The opportunities listed on this page do not represent all available opportunities. The Hepatitis B Foundation receives funding to provide information about the specific opportunities listed on this page. The Hepatitis B Foundation follows IRB-approved protocols and our own Corporate Ethics Policy for all listings. If you are interested in having an opportunity listed on this page, please email