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  • B型肝炎は遺伝ではなく、ウイルスが原因でかかる病気です。 

  • B型肝炎から命を守る安全なワクチンがあります。 

  • B型肝炎を診断する簡単な血液検査があります。 

  • 治療には複数の方法があります。






Welcome to the Japanese Chapter of the Hepatitis B Foundation Website!

Hepatitis B is known as a silent disease, and most people don’t even know they are infected. This website contains information about preventing, diagnosing and managing hepatitis B. We encourage you to share this information with your friends, family and others in your community. Here are some important things to remember about hepatitis B:

  • Hepatitis B is not inherited - it is caused by a virus. 

  • There is a safe vaccine which will protect you from hepatitis B for life. 

  • There is a simple blood test to diagnose hepatitis B. 

  • There are treatment options.

Hepatitis B is a Global Disease

Hepatitis B can infect any person of any age or ethnicity, but people from parts of the world where hepatitis B is common, such as Asia, parts of Africa and South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, are at much higher risk for getting infected. Hepatitis B is also common among Americans who were born (or whose parents were born) in these regions.

There are hundreds of millions of people worldwide who have hepatitis B. Most people don’t even know they are infected, and don’t have symptoms – but there are many important things you should know. Getting tested for hepatitis B can save your life. If you know you have hepatitis B, you can make lifestyle choices to keep your liver healthy and you can see a doctor to help manage the virus and prevent liver damage.

The Hepatitis B Foundation is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure and helping to improve the quality of life for all those affected by hepatitis B worldwide through research, education and patient advocacy.

Disclaimer: The information that is provided on this website is for educational purposes only. The Hepatitis B Foundation is not a medical organization. Please talk to your doctor or a qualified health care provider for personal medical care and advice.