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Hepatitis B Foundation's Discrimination Registry

If you are faced with discrimination due to hepatitis B, please share your experience anonymously and confidentially through our Discrimination Registry. Your experience will become part of our sophisticated Discrimination Registry database and be used to help identify and combat discrimination in the future. Fill out the form here or contact the Hepatitis B Foundation at or 215-489-4900, if you need additional assistance. 


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The purpose of this registry is to document and track discrimination related to hepatitis B. Discrimination is defined as the unjust, unfair or prejudicial treatment of a person on the grounds of their hepatitis B status. In other words, it’s being treated differently because of one’s hepatitis B infection. For someone with hepatitis B, this can mean being denied employment, education, training, goods or services, health care, right to immigrate to another country, or having significant burdens imposed due to someone’s hepatitis B infection.

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It’s important to know your rights. We have extensive information about combating discrimination in the U.S. in our know your rights section. Unfortunately, discrimination is a huge problem around the world, not just in the U.S. We are committed to helping people with hepatitis B worldwide, and this registry will help us learn more about where and how discrimination exists, so that we can offer more support globally.

The future of the discrimination registry
The discrimination registry is just step one of a long journey. We know from our many experiences in advocacy, including playing a key role in getting hepatitis B covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which provides protection in the United States against discrimination that these issues do take a lot of hard work and time to change. Collecting your stories of discrimination helps us to develop an extensive database to keep track of where and how discrimination is occurring around the world.

We will analyze the data provided from this registry as well as content from in-depth discussions with people who have experienced or have a close contact who experience discrimination. Additionally, we will provide consultations and guidance for people who might have questions about discrimination in their country. This data will be used to create reports and journal articles documenting discrimination. Additionally, these reports will guide advocacy efforts that call attention to the discrimination faced by so many with hepatitis B. This information will be pivotal in developing a multi-year action plan to start addressing discrimination globally.

How can you help?
The first way to help is to please fill out the registry with your personal experience. We need to hear from you. The survey is anonymous, but if you want your story to be used publicly to help spread awareness, please reach out to and say that you want to help.

The second way to help is to donate. Advocacy efforts are expensive, and we need funding keep this important work going. For example, it costs $1,500 just to keep the database up-and-running for a year. Your donations will help us continue this work and move on to the next phase of combating discrimination.  Please donate here

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