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300 Million Reasons Movement

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300 Million Reasons is a movement to improve awareness about hepatitis B and liver cancer worldwide, to promote engagement of key stakeholders, and to empower people impacted by hepatitis B to become vocal advocates. There are almost 300 million people around the world living with chronic hepatitis B infection, and we want to make sure each and every voice is heard. 

300 Million Reasons will be officially launched in July of 2021, but we wanted to begin sharing some information and resources now. The branches of the 300 Million Reasons movement are described below.

B Informed2

The B Informed branch of the 300 Million Reasons movement is primarily dedicated to raising community awareness about hepatitis B and liver cancer, providing accurate information, dispelling myths and misconceptions, decreasing stigma, and providing simple hepatitis B educational tools. These tools will focus on transmission, prevention, liver cancer screening, and living with chronic hepatitis B. 

Key Messages: Get Tested. Hepatitis B Can Be Prevented, Treated, and Managed.  

Please feel free to use and distribute our social media toolkit

B Connected3

The B Connected branch of the 300 Million Reasons movement involves increasing access to clinical trials, expanding global connections to support people living with hepatitis B around the world, establishing international peer mentoring programs, creating a social network for people impacted by hepatitis B, and creating further opportunities for community engagement. 

Key Messages: You are not alone! Together, we can foster a collaborative and connected global community united around all things hepatitis B. 

To learn more about how to B Connected right now, check out Hep B United, Hep B United Philadelphia, and CHIPO!


B the Voice

The B the Voice branch of the 300 Million Reasons movement is centered largely around international storytelling and elevating the voices of those living with hepatitis B around the world. True change happens with the human element. Stories of discrimination, stigma, screening, diagnosis, treatment, supporting community and family members, personal and larger-scale successes, setbacks and victories - all are important to share and learn about in order to raise awareness, inspire change, and eventually find a cure.

Key Messages: Your voice matters! Share your story and help to end hepatitis B stigma. 

Check out our blog post to read more about our B the Voice initiative! 

Do you have a story to share? We would love to read it! Use this link to B the Voice of hepatitis B!

“Speaking out relieves one from self-stigma and denial, but more importantly creates room for one to advocate towards changing something for the better. When you keep silent, the people in power will assume everything is okay until one comes out to challenge the status quo… I also want people to know that while Hepatitis B is a silent killer, one can live a positive and productive life as long as one knows early and follows the doctors’ advice.” -- Kenneth Kabagambe, Director, Africa Hepatitis Initiative (Kampala, Uganda)


B the Change

The B the Change branch of the 300 Million Reasons movement is focused on patient activism and using this as a tool to advance the cause of increasing knowledge about and support for hepatitis B among legislators and policy-makers. It will include national and international community ambassadors, strong relationships with the World Hepatitis Alliance and other key partners, outreach to people living with hepatitis B who have not had prior involvement in this effort, and advocacy training and opportunities. With knowledge can come action - let’s build a strong communication network to spread the word and B the Change to create a world that is Hep B-free. 

Key Messages: Stand up, speak out! Get involved in putting hepatitis B in the spotlight and moving the cause forward. 

Are you interested in hepatitis B advocacy? Sign up to join our Action Center and stay tuned for even more ways to get involved and B the Change!