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Know Your Rights

discriminationAround the world, millions of people with chronic hepatitis B face discrimination that limits their dreams, education, careers, income and access to medicine. The stigma that persists is based on ignorance and it impacts millions around the world daily. Hepatitis B is simply not transmitted through casual contact, and should not prevent anyone from attending school, working, having a family, or traveling. 

The Hepatitis B Foundation is working tirelessly to end the stigma and ensure that people with hepatitis B are afforded the same opportunities as everyone else. Our advocacy successfully made hepatitis B a protected condition under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the United States. We also support programs to fight discrimination faced by people living with hepatitis B when applying to schools, jobs, or accessing affordable medicine.

If you are faced with discrimination due to hepatitis B, it is important to know your rights and to have information to support your case. Use the information on our site to help advocate for yourself, or contact the Hepatitis B Foundation at or 215-489-4900 if you need additional assistance. 

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Health Insurance Costs Impacting Shoppers Living with Hepatitis B (2020) This report is a resource to help people living with hepatitis B make informed decisions when choosing a health insurance plan. It can also be shared with policymakers to inform them of potentially discriminatory benefit plan designs in various states.

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