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Webinar on Treatment Options for Liver Cancer: What You Need to Know



Please join the Hepatitis B Foundation’s Liver Cancer Connect program and world-renowned liver disease specialist, Dr. Robert Gish for a webinar on Monday, April 27th 12 noon EDT to learn about liver cancer treatment. How does the stage of the cancer affect treatment? Why are screening and surveillance so important? What are the available treatments and what are the therapies in development? Continue reading "Webinar on Treatment Options for Liver Cancer: What You Need to Know"

Hepatitis on the Hill – HBV Personal Perspective and Action Alert

75 hepatitis B and C advocates join together for Hepatitis on the Hill!

On March 9-10 I participated in “Hepatitis on the Hill” in Washington, DC. The event was organized by Hep B United (HBU), the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) and the Hepatitis Appropriations Partnership (HAP), and brought together both hepatitis B and C advocates. This was an incredible opportunity to work together, network, and advocate on the Hill. Continue reading "Hepatitis on the Hill – HBV Personal Perspective and Action Alert"

Action Alert! Urge Your House Representative To Support Increased Hepatitis B and C Funding!

red-phonePlease tell your Representative that viral hepatitis is important to YOU, and ask for support of the President’s proposed FY16 budget increase for the Division of Viral Hepatitis, CDC. Increased funding is essential to support HBV and HCV programs. You don’t have to be politically savvy to participate, but we need your help. Call, email or write today! 

Representatives Mike Honda, Hank Johnson, and Judy Chu are asking all House Representatives to sign an important letter supporting a doubling in funding for hepatitis B and C programs in the Fiscal Year 2016 appropriations bill (see text of letter below). This is the same increase in funding that President Obama recommends in his proposed budget, which was released last month. The deadline for Representatives to sign the letter is end of day, March 19, 2015.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to ask our House Representatives for leadership in the fight against the hepatitis B and C epidemics. The more signatures on this letter, the better chance of securing badly needed funding to expand testing, linkage to care, surveillance, and other vital services.

Please take a few minutes before March 19th to call your House Representative’s office in Washington, DC and ask/him to sign this letter. Continue reading "Action Alert! Urge Your House Representative To Support Increased Hepatitis B and C Funding!"

The Fifty Shades of “Gray” of Hepatitis B Transmission – Part 2

1716136dfa105e7f9bdf96de16e31742You can’t neatly package and control everything, but you can use good judgment and not over react when thinking about hepatitis B transmission. Hep B is not casually transmitted, but you know yourself, and both infected and uninfected individuals can take simple precautions. If you don’t have hepatitis B and you are sexually active, make sure you are vaccinated. If you have hep B, encourage your partners to get vaccinated. If you’re not in a monogamous relationship and/or one partner has not completed the hepatitis B vaccine series, use a condom!

(Click here if you’re looking for Part 1) Continue reading "The Fifty Shades of “Gray” of Hepatitis B Transmission – Part 2"

HBV Journal Review March 2015

ChrisKHBF is pleased to connect our blog readers to Christine Kukka’s monthly HBV Journal Review that she writes for the HBV Advocate. The journal presents the
 latest in hepatitis B research, treatment, and prevention from recent academic and medical journals. This month, the following topics are explored:

  • Cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Markedly Lower Cancer Risk in Hepatitis B Patients
  • Hepatitis B Increases Risk of Stomach Cancer
  • Unsafe Injections Caused 1.7 Million HBV Infections Worldwide in 2010
  • New Guidelines Require Doctors to Screen for Hepatitis B Before Starting Chemotherapy
  • Computer Reminders Effective at Prompting Doctors to Screen for HBV Before Starting Chemotherapy
  • Study Finds Getting Frequent Cancer Screenings Saves Lives
  • Use of Radio Waves to Destroy Small Liver Tumors as Effective as Surgery
  • Interferon Increases Thyroid Disease in Hepatitis B and C Patients
  • Smoking Impairs Recovery from Hepatitis B and the Effectiveness of Immunization
  • Hepatitis B Immunization Coverage Declined 2.1% in 2013

Continue reading "HBV Journal Review March 2015"