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2 thoughts on “World Hepatitis Day is Here!”

  1. Good day and good idea. My friend did this article for their Radio Station which covers the whole country and I only hope it will stir some action from authorities. I will not give up until awareness reaches a satisfactory level. You can share that with the rest of the world.

    Body Says Malawi Failing Hepatitis

    Written by Steve Zimba
    Friday, 29 July 2011 09:03
    Hepatitis patients in Malawi accuse government of failure to control the further spread of the health problem. This came out Thursday July 28 as the world commemorated World Hepatitis.

    “We wish the Ministry of Health considered coming up with programs aimed at reducing contagious diseases amongst Malawians,” said Mr. Sylvester Sandifolo a patient himself.

    Health ministry spokesperson Mr. Henry Chimbali said, although government did not organize any activities marking Hepatitis Day, government remains committed to reducing hepatitis.

    On World Hepatitis Day, which falls July 28, the world aims to raise global awareness on the health problem which is little known to most people in countries like Malawi.

    “The fact that the government of Malawi has not lined up any activity for the day this year is clear indication that government lacks seriousness in the fight against hepatitis,” Mr. sandifolo said adding that the disease is silently killing people in the country.

    Government health spokesperson Mr. Henry Chimbali, however, said officers are on the ground and would soon come up with comprehensive programs on reduction of contagious diseases such as Hepatitis, Diabetes and others.

    Excessive drinking of alcohol and having unprotected sex are but some of the causes of Hepatitis whose signs include swelling of the stomach and severe headache, among others.

    The 2011 World Hepatitis Day was commemorated under the theme “This is Hepatitis’’. – Zodiak Online

    1. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of the people of Malawi. It is necessary that we all acknowledge the global implications of viral hepatitis. I hope that your government follows through with plans to raise awareness, screen for HBV and especially prevent infection through vaccination programs. Please continue to keep up the good work!

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