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Living with HBV and Dealing with “Itchy” Skin

The previous Hepbtalk blog discussed skin manifestations associated with hepatitis B and liver disease. This is a follow-up with some suggestions on dealing with rashes and pruritus (itchy) skin. Unfortunately, I have experience with this.

Most people living with HBV have episodes with rashes that itch, or with an itch without the rash. Rashes can be caused by all kinds of things, but the skin truly does let us know when there is something going on with our body. We may not be able to eliminate the itch, but we can work on providing the body with a little relief, and to be sure we do not do anything to make the persistent itching worse.

First, consider the root of the problem. It is possible that your rash and itching are unrelated to the current status of your HBV infection.  Unless you have serious liver disease, this might be difficult to pin down since many living with chronic HBV have compensated livers that perform all of the necessary liver functions required for life.  That does not mean you aren’t going crazy with itchy skin, but it is important to look at other factors that may be contributing to your pruritus.

  • Are you currently being treated with IFN or PEG for your HBV?
  • Have you recently started a new medication?
  • Do you have allergies, seasonal, food or otherwise?
  • Do you have other symptoms that might relate to another virus or infection?
  • Have you recently switched laundry detergents or rinses?
  • Have you recently switched any of your personal care items – shampoo, soap, creams, deodorant, etc.

Try to determine if there is a pattern associated with your skin problems.  Any of the above can cause rashes or pruritus without the added complication of HBV or advanced liver disease from HBV. I was convinced that HBV was the root of all skin problems, but I was wrong. That’s why it’s good to look at other possible sources so you can at least eliminate the things you have control over.

Here are some simple things you can do to help reduce the degree of pruritus:

  • Choose products that are unscented including laundry detergent and dryer sheets, along with shampoos, conditioners, creams and other personal care items. Unscented products are better for you liver, anyway. Everyone in my house is clean, but there is no fresh, clean smell.
  • Avoid soaps and use gentle skin cleansers like Cetaphil (another favorite in our house).
  • Use moisturizers that contain a minimum of alcohol, since alcohol is drying.  There is sometimes a balance with thick vs. thinner creams. We bounce back and forth between Cetphil and Eucerin, but you might have to test a few of them before you find the one that works best for you.
  • Take tepid rather than hot showers and baths, but be sure to bathe daily.
  • Wean your kids out of the tub ASAP.  This broke my heart, but the extra time in the bath is drying.  (However, oatmeal baths are recommended, even though this didn’t work for us). Don’t spend too long in the shower.  Learn to take a 5 minute shower.
  • When you come out of the shower, do not completely dry yourself, and immediately apply gentle cream or lotion from head to toe to lock in the moisture.
  • Use topical steroids in order to combat affected skin patches.  For kids we found the ointment, though a little messier, was more effective. Take care when topicals are used for extended periods of time.  It thins the skin, which can be especially problematic in the summer. Don’t forget sunscreen, too!
  • Keep nails cut short to avoid the temptation.  We even tried gloves and socks at night.  Try to avoid scratching with sharp objects, but be sure to properly sanitize them if they are used inappropriately. We often had concerns with “weepy” skin and needed to keep it covered in public.
  • If you choose to add humidity during the winter months be careful to balance that with possible dust mite allergies.  We initially used warm mist humidifiers and that was a big mistake, even though it feels great.  Unfortunately it took us a while to make that link.  As it turns out, a more moderate temperature is better – that and additional circulation with a ceiling fan.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • After swimming in a chlorinated pool, be sure to rinse immediately and apply moisturizer.
  • Pruritus is worse at night, so take an anti-histamine like Benedryl or prescription Atarax to help with the itching.  Atarax is effective for a longer period of time, so it’s a favorite in our house.

Although the “itching” in our house brought many tearful nights, and nasty looking skin patches that persisted for years, it did get better over time, with changes. It is important to note that is was much worse during treatment with interferon. Pruritus truly is a horrible, sometimes unrelenting symptom for those with more advanced liver disease.  Although the above ideas are worth investigating, it is important that you discuss severe pruritus with your doctor.  There are more potent prescriptions available that might help reduce the relentless itching.

Got any tips for reducing the itch? Feel free to comment and share your ideas with others living with HBV.

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63 thoughts on “Living with HBV and Dealing with “Itchy” Skin”

  1. Hello,

    I received a hepatitis B vaccine on July 3rd 2012 and I’m experiencing similar relentless itching all day, but with the evenings the worst. Has anyone heard of such a thing? I’ve tried all the over the counter meds for allergies and they don’t work for me. I’m under the care of an allergist now, but he is pretty stumped. Can anyone suggest anything?

    1. You might want to have a hepatitis B panel run and have your doctor check your bilirubin levels which can result in itching if they are elevated and your liver is not properly removing excess levels. Although extremely rare, there are some cases where a person may experience itching after their HBV vaccine, but yours has been for some time now, and that seems unlikely. Relentless itching can be terrible. Try some of the recommendations from the blog and also talk to your doctor about prescribing something like Atarax for the itching. if the itching continues, please continue looking for the source of the problem.

  2. one of my friend’s husband is taking hepsera for Hep B for almost 8 years now. He is checking blood every three months and now the virus is undetectable. But he has severe itch and skin eruptions occurred that area, It is mostly concentrated in hands,palms and both sides of the neck and fore head. Is it related to Hep B, or the medicine or some other underlying problems?

    1. Good news about the undetectable viral load, though I’m sorry to hear of the problem with itching. Skin problems can be complicated. Elevated levels of bilirubin can cause the skin to itch, though at this point it sounds as though the liver is fully compensated, and liver function test are most likely normal. Any medication can be a source of itching. You’ll want to talk with your liver specialist -he may want to run more blood work to re-check your LFTs, and also try to look at this from a different perspective in case it’s something completely unrelated. Follow the suggestions in this blog to try to determine the source of the itching. If need be, seek help from a dermatologist and/or an allergist. We still deal with this problem even after years of no medication and complete seroconversion.


    1. I am very, very sorry to hear of your prognosis. I am sorry your HBV has lead to liver failure and liver cancer. I wish you peace through this difficult journey.

    1. I am very sorry to learn of your liver cancer diagnosis. This is such a difficult journey. HBF has a website for those dealing with liver cancer. You can reach it at livercancerconnect.org. I know it cannot solve your problems, but may there is information that will be of help to you.

    1. Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Be sure to follow up with your doctor to learn if you have an acute or chronic case of HBV. If you test HBsAg+ for more than 6 months, you are considered chronically infected and need to see a liver specialist so you can get a thorough evaluation of your HBV and liver health. Remember to take precautions by avoiding direct contact of infected blood and body fluids.

    1. I would encourage you to look through our website at http://www.hepb.org. If you want daily information you can follow us on facebook (www.facebook.com/hepbfoundation) or twitter. We also update our homepage weekly with HBV related stories. There are also many informative blogs you can read through. f you have specific questions, you can send an email to info@hepb.org.

  4. hello!can you interpret my lab tests result : hbs Antigen 3,534.59 S/CO Reactive; Anti HBs 3.26 mIU/mL Nonreactive; HBe Antigen .118 S/CO Nonreactive; .8 S/CO Reaactive, SGPT/ALT – 35 U/L Normal range : 0-55 U/L ; SGOT/AST – 24 U/L Normal range : 5-34 U/L, Liver Ultrasound : the liver is in normal size with homogeneous parenchymal ecopattern. no focal mass seen in intra and extrahepatic ducts are not dilated, impression : unremarkable liver and bile ducts sonogically

    doctor said i have chronic hepa b so he recommended to do these lab tests.

    1. It looks like you have HBe negative hepatitis B. Your ALT is on the high side of normal (normal being 30 IU/mL for men), but not too bad. You might want to modify your diet to see if that makes a difference. Avoid alcohol and smoking and eat a well balanced diet and be sure to exercise regularly. Sounds like your ultrasound is good. Do you happen to know your HBV DNA viral load? Talk to your doctor to see if you are currently in the inactive phase of the virus. The viral load test and close monitoring will determine.

  5. my hbv dna viral load real time pcr is 356,395 IU/mL, im woman, my ALT is 35 being in romal range

  6. Hi, you mentioned unscented products such as laundry detergent and dryer sheets, along with shampoos, conditioners, creams and other personal care items are good for your liver but did not specify why the liver in particular. Can you please explain. I do know that unscented is usually preferred because it has less chemical products that can affect the skin.

    Also, I am always tentative to use shampoo with alcohol content because of my HBV, is my fear reasonable? Would you suggest or aware of a few shampoo brand that are alcohol free?


    1. Everything you ingest, breathe in, or absorb through the skin is eventually filtered by your liver. As long as you have a fully compensated liver (your liver works fine even though you have chronic HBV) you can use your best judgment as to which beauty and household products you wish to you. Keep in mind that many of these products are not as carefully regulated as most of the foods we eat. The alcohol is very drying on the skin and scalp which can cause itching, though I don’t know how much it ultimately affects your liver. How alcohol gets into your body is different between drinking alcohol and using a product that may have alcohol in it. When my daughter was young, the doctor recommend that she use cetaphil cleanser – not because of her HBV, but because she has terrible eczema and itchy skin. I dont’ know any brands off-hand that are alcohol free that I can knowingly recommend.

  7. I have hepatitis b .but only problem I have is the inching,the doctor said my liver function is OK.I used to have the inching once I didn’t wear cloth.plz want is the cause

    1. I am very sorry to hear of the the discomfort you are experiencing due to severe itching. This can be due to elevated bilirubin levels – if it is HBV related. Are your bilirubin levels normal? If possible, it’s important for you to see a liver specialist to confirm your liver is the source of your itching. For some reason, some experience worse itching than others. It may take a while for excess bilirubin levels to clear the body, but for now, please focus on some of the suggestions in this blog. Be very careful with how you wash your clothing and soaps that you use to bathe and wash your laundry. Your doctor may be able to prescribe something to help with the itching. If you learn it is not HBV related, then I would try to see a dermatologist that may have some suggestions to relieve your itching. I know this is very difficult to deal with. My daughter suffers from chronic itching and hers is not related to her HBV. We worked very hard over the years to eliminate things in her environment that make her itchy. However, the first thing you have to do is rule things out – rule out that it is or is not related to your liver, see if you have allergies, consider food allergies, etc. It can be a long process. Try your best to work methodically through determining what is triggering your itching.

  8. hi!.i am suffering from hpatitis b along with jaundice. my bill. level is 3.2. i m also suffering from mild itching all over the body. how woul i cure myself. urine is normal and i am almost fit to walk and roam. plese reply.

    1. Itching and jaundice are often the result of elevated bilirubin levels, which can be symptoms of an acute HBV infection or a chronic flare. Do you know if this is an acute case of HBV or a chronic case? You may not know for sure since there are often few or no symptoms with HBV for many decades. 90% of healthy adults will clear a new, acute infection. You will want to repeat a hepatitis B panel. If you remain HBsAg+ for more than 6 months then you would be considered chronically infected. Talk to your doctor. If you have acute HBV, then you most likely will require no treatment, but should be monitored by a doctor to be sure your liver functions are within safe ranges. If you learn you have a chronic infection then you will need to see a liver specialist. While you wait, please be sure to take care of your liver by avoiding all alcohol, smoking and be sure to eat a healthy diet. Please take care to avoid transmission as you are likely infectious at this time.

  9. last year, i did blood test and i knew that i have hepatits b positive. But doctor said that my body was all fine and hepatits b virus is also low, so i didn’t care about it. But these days, my all body is so itching that i want to scratch from my whole energy…it spread from my arms to legs…Is this a symptom of hepatits b??

    1. Itching and a rash can be symptoms of HBV, but they are not always the cause. You will need further evaluation by a liver specialist. It is possible your bilirubin levels are elevated and causing this problem. Please see a liver specialist. If it is not related to your chronic hepatitis B, then you may wish to see a dermatologist.

  10. i want to ask you one question. please don’t mind reading this one. Actually the thing is that my mother and grand mother died because of hepatitis b. now i have hepatitis b positive but my father and little sister don’t have hepatitis. So, i am confused that only i got hepatitis..how can this happen?

  11. My partner was recently diagnosed with hep b possitive but I tested negative. How do I protect myself without leaving him? We found out through one of our sub fertility clinic appointments. We are still in the process of trying to conceive, is this advisable? How, if I have to abstain from having sexual intercourse? Please advise.

    1. We are so fortunate to have a safe and effective vaccine. Since you have been test and do not have hepatitis B, please start the HBV vaccine series immediately. A month from the first shot, get the 2nd shot and 6 months fro the first shot, get the 3rd and final shot. While you wait, practice safe sex using condoms and take simple precautions and do not share personal items such as razors, toothbrushes, nail clippers, body jewelry or anything that may have trace amounts of blood on them. In 6 months are you back trying to conceive.

  12. So my situation is similar to that of OMO. asked my doctor but he said that since i could have developed it and formed resistance so no need for vaccination. Do is still take the vaccination as a precaution?

    1. I”m not sure of Omo’s situation just because of the way the questions come to me from the wordpress application. However, I believe you are asking if you need to get the HBV vaccine if you had a previous HBV infection that you resolved. In other words, you were HBsAg positive at one time, but now you are HBsAg negative. I’m assuming you have a undetectable viral load. If you developed surface antibody (HBsAb positive) in response to a resolved acute infection, it is not necessary to get the vaccine. Sometimes those that are chronically infected that lose surface antigen will try a booster shot to see if they can generate the antibody, but unlikely it will do anything.

  13. I have Hep B for the past 20 months, I am under medication (Tenvir 300 mg), my viral load is around 1023 and LFT parameters are within the permissible range.
    But of late i have started experiencing itching. Is there anything to be worried?
    kindly advise me.

    1. “Itchy skin” can be caused by a buildup of bilirubin. Do you know if your bilirubin levels are elevated? I would encourage you to talk to your liver specialist about this symptom. However, there are people that have itchy skin and there bilirubin levels are within range. All I can suggest is ruling out other problems – skin issues, allergies etc.

  14. I have been recently diagnosed of hep b. My doctor wrote these for me from the blood work: surface antigen (+); surface antibody (-); core antibody (reactive); e antibody (reactive); e antigen (non-reactive); ALT (80). I have been having this itchy ness about 4 weeks after been diagnosed and I am not sure if it is due to the hep b. The doctor told me the liver specialist said it has not gotten to the point where I need to see him. I am a bit worried about that. Should I push for it or not? I am a man. Your comment will be appreciated. Live in Canada. Mum has also been diagnosed of hep b and I am 37years with 2 kids. Thanks.

    1. I think it’s a good idea to see a liver specialist. HBV is very effectively passed from an HBV+ mom to her baby at birth unless transmission is prevented through prophylaxis at birth. You are currently HBeAg positive, which means you likely have more virus and are more infectious to others. Your ALT is also elevated at 80 IU/mL. Normal ALT for men is 30 IU/mL or less and 19 IU/mL or less for women. This may indicate that you are in an active phase of the virus and you may be experiencing a flare. It is possible that the itchiness is a result of your HBV. This occurs when bilirubin levels are elevated. I suppose it’s possible you have an acute infection, but since your mother is HBsAg positive, it is certainly possible that you have had chronic HBV for many years and are now experiencing a flare. Please see a liver specialist as soon as you are able to learn more about your HBV and liver health. I would also encourage you to have close household contacts and family members to be screened for hepatitis B.

  15. Hi,
    i have affected by Hep’B ,i don’t know when i was infected but recently doctor detected and told me that Chronic Hep’B because he said HBsAg is Positive(sample value is 1.700 but Cut of value is 0.218) and Hepatitis’B core IgM is Negative(sample value is 0.205 but cut of value is 0.318),My viral load is 16100 U/ML(0n 06/12/2013).
    so,right now am taking Tenvir 300mg (1tab each day) since Jan 2014.
    And,today (07/11/14) went to LFT ,results all normal except Bilirubin Tot-22(Indirect 20,direct 02) why Bilirubin is very high (Because of Tenvir Tablt?),if Bilirubin is High and Low continuously, and most of the time my urine is yellowish, what is the meaning? what happen in my body?
    Finally,My body can produce antigen against HBV in future?if i continuously take Tenvir, HBV can go to undetectable range? please advise me well because am very confused in my life because of HBV..i have 2 small baby girls ,my wife and children don’t have HBV(tested), am very happy for their life..

    1. Your negative anti-HBc IgM indicates that your infection is chronic. You don’t mention what your ALT/AST was prior to treatment and whether or not you are HBeAg positive or negative. I’m not sure why your bilirubin levels are elevated. This is likely NOT a result of taking tenofovir. Perhaps you have a blocked bile duct or some other sort of complication? I really cannot say and would encourage you to discuss these elevated bilirubin levels with your liver specialist.

  16. how can I control body itching always after bath related to chronic hepatitis b infection? My direct bilirubin is 6.1umol/l normal range [0.0 – 5.2]. indirect bilirubin is 19.4umol/l normal range[0.0 – 17.6] Total bilirubin 25.5umol/l Normal range
    [3 – 21]. ALT 40U/L normal range 0-40 AST 32U/L normal range 3 – 40 GGT 21 normal range 8 – 61.. what is my prognosis please ?

    1. Hello: Many things can cause itching, ranging from stress, dry air, to other health issues. Please talk to your doctor about your itching to see if it relates to another medical condition.
      Your liver enzymes appear to be within the normal range. For ALT, normal is 30 or less for men and 19 or less for women, but these can vary a bit depending on your lab. Again, please talk to your doctor about any skin symptoms or other issues you may have. Good luck.

  17. I was diagnosed as hbv + last year.
    After I started taking tenofovir .
    Now , 1 year later the test that I have done says that I am anti HbsAg negative and also it says that HbsAg Q is 124925,oo iu/ml , alt ast and GGT is normal .
    I don’t understand what does this means . am I still hbv + and does this means that the virus is pprogresing ?

    1. Hello: There is no absolute cure for hepatitis B, however there are effective antivirals, such as tenofovir that you are taking, that can dramatically lower your viral load (HBV DNA) and lower your risk of liver damage. However, antivirals rarely cure hepatitis B and they don’t make your hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) disappear. As you may know, if you test positive for HBsAg, it means you are still infected with hepatitis B. It is not uncommon to achieve an undetectable viral load and no signs of liver damage (with normal ALT levels) and still test positive for HBsAg. You currently have “inactive” hepatitis B, and are healthy. Please avoid alcohol and cigarettes, eat healthy food, practice safe sex and make sure your family members are tested and vaccinated against hepatitis B. Good luck.

  18. I was so sick of itchy skin that I would try anything but I now use the Aloe & Jojoba Therapy from Made From Earth. It has calmed my itchy skin it has a nice smell not over powering.

    1. That’s great that you have found some relief for your itching. Often the itch associated with HBV is a deep itch, that is very challenging to address. Everyone is different, but glad you found some relief.

  19. Received 3rd hep a n b vaccine 4 weeks ago. Majorheadaches exhaustion tired muscles joints ache head feels swollen….afraid wont go away or will suffer worse fate in future….allmy side effects are associated e vaccine..they say rare but seems alot more common then implied…dr denied…stated all symptoms have nothing to do w vaccine..plan on seeing nuerologist in day or 2 if persists…im concerrned..or will this subside as my body rids the toxin..vaccine..i appreciate your feedback n all u do…thank you

    1. Hello: The hepatitis B vaccine is very safe and effective. Please see your doctor about your medical problems as they may result from a medical condition unrelated to the immunization. Good luck.

  20. I was having positive hbsag im a man and my sat is normal and my alt was 4 numbers above the normal, that was my first test. My doctor told me that the virus won’t go away. After that a month I had an ultrasound and everything is in normal I take ten vit. My question is how long should I take it. Coz i know it causes itching and discomfort in my abdomen.

    1. Hello: If I understand you correctly, you are taking ten (10) vitamins? You do not need to take any herbal or vitamin supplements for hepatitis B, and your do not require treatment as your liver test results show your liver is healthy. Has your doctor recommended these vitamins? I encourage you to return to your doctor and describe the itchy skin you are experiencing. It may be caused by allergies or another medical condition unrelated to hepatitis B. Good luck.

  21. Hi, I’ve been leaving with h.b. for more than 12 years.im just started to experience itch on my legs. I can’t sleep at night. I try everything already and I’m scared to go see my doctor.

    1. Hello: Please see your doctor, it may not be related to your hepatitis B at all, it might be an allergic reaction of some kind. Please don’t be afraid. I hope you are getting your liver enzymes monitored regularly to safeguard your health. Good luck.

  22. hello doc….
    does hbv can cause rashes,white tongue,and flaky skin….im so confused of my body for the past year…..do you think this related to hbv?..thank you…

    1. Hello: It can cause some skin disturbances, depending on the severity, but what you’re describing is not normally associated with hepatitis B. Please see your doctor and see if another medical condition, infection or allergy could be causing these symptoms. Good luck.

  23. I have a question, i have been treated before with pegasys, though my viral load is so low afrer the treatment. But now i have been having this itchy body, and i am so scared. What might be the problem?

    1. Hello: It’s hard to tell what is causing your skin irritation. Are you using any new soap or laundry detergent, or eating different foods? I’m assuming your doctor is monitoring your liver enzymes too, to catch any liver damage.
      Please talk to your doctor and see if there is another cause for your skin irritation. Good luck.

  24. Hello Doc
    I’m HIV/chronic hbv coinfected. I’ve had this status for the past 10years. Recently I developed a very itchy scalp. I was prescribed daktarin which hasn’t helped I do take some anti histamine for general skin itches and get a lot of relief for the past 10 years. The scalp is itches started recently and I don’t get relief from anti histamine which I take everyday . Please help.

    1. Hello: I am not familiar with this as a symptom with hepatitis B. Have your liver enzymes (liver health) changed recently, or any other medical condition? Are you using any new detergents or soaps? Make sure you are getting your liver function test monitored regularly. Good luck.

  25. I was tested hbv positive last year, I did my test and they wrote inactive phase of the virus, now am having itch on my body. It will come out like rashes and start itching, and after some minutes d rashes will disappear and spot will stop itching, it will move to another side, the rash comes out and itching starts again. Am confused

    1. Hello: Please see your doctor to see if your itchy skin is caused by a medical condition other than hepatitis B. There are a host of allergies, new medications or skin sensitivities that may be causing this. Good luck.

  26. I am hepatitis B carrier. Im doing the blood test n some ultrasound every 6mth. I did try interferon injection for 1 year but the virus become immune to it.some cases been solve by interferon injection. Now im taking tanver everyday. The virus count is up n down. But i think this tanver also wont works.

    1. Hello: I am sorry I do not know what tanver is. Is it another name for the antiviral tenofovir?
      If it is an herbal supplement, it may not help your hepatitis B at all. To date, there is no herbal supplement that has been clinically found to help clear hepatitis B.
      Please continue to be monitored. You and your doctor can review the World Health Organizatation’s hepatitis B treatment and monitoring guidelines at http://www.who.int/hiv/pub/hepatitis/hepatitis-b-guidelines/en/
      Good luck.

  27. I am yemsy. I got to know my status of HBV+ last 2 yes. I went for a liver functioning scan, it shows liver detox and protein metabolism were low. Another confirmation after 2 mths shows an improved level of detoxification functioning of the liver whilst my recent check up shows good function of protein metabolism. However, wen I confirmed my status 2 yrs ago, I used to feel body itches wenever am under sun,later it disappear and recently observed little itches each time I am under sun and my scan shows normal functioning of the liver detoxification and protein metabolism. But I now feel a gas like in my tongue each time I eat

    1. Hello: The tests commonly used to find out if you are experiencing liver damage, is a blood test for the liver enzyme ALT (also called SGPT). Liver cells release ALT/SGPT into the bloodstream when they are damaged. Healthy ALT/SGPT levels for men range up to 30 to 40, and for women up to 19. Please ask your doctor to run these tests for a true picture of your liver health. Good luck.

  28. Hello, can i get hepatitis b after the first vaccine shot or the second? I am curious because i just met a partner with chronic hepatitis b and he advised me to get the vaccine. I got the first shot and we are having unprotected sex, i am not on the second shot. How effective are these 2 doses to fight the virus if i come accross?

    1. Hello: It is important for you to practice SAFE SEX and use a condom until you complete all three doses of the vaccine. Each dose provides about 33 percent protection, so there is a high chance you do not have immunity yet. Please get the second vaccine 30 days after the first, and the third five months later. Please, your health is extremely important. Good luck.

  29. Hi im renalyn, i was diagnosed hbv last year. I have a 5months old daughter. When i delivered her she take the first vaccine shot then the second vaccine 30 days after the first, and the third shot next month, Im just asking if hepatitis b can transmitted trough bread milk?

    1. Hello: Good question, hepatitis B is not spread through breast milk, and your vigilance in getting her vaccinated will also insure that she is not infected. You are an excellent mother and can breastfeed her safely. Good luck.

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