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Consider Viral Hepatitis Issues When you Vote

Election Day is fast approaching, and while there are many important issues to ponder, don’t forget to consider the candidates’ positions on vial hepatitis and health care issues.  There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives on the ballot, along with 33 senate seats.  The National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) sent surveys to the House and Senate asking them their position on viral hepatitis funding, the Affordable Care Act, the syringe exchange ban, HHS strategic plan, and the Viral Hepatitis Testing Act. Surveys continue to be returned, but were updated October 24th to reflect new additions. To read the returned candidate responses, go to NVHR’s Candidate Survey .  If you don’t see your state’s candidate included in the collection of surveys, contact the candidate, educate them on viral hepatitis issues, and personalize the cause if you are able.  If you need help, contact Ryan Clary, Director or Programs, and ask him about your Congressional candidate’s position on viral hepatitis prevention and treatment efforts, and what you might do to help the cause. Be sure to get out there and vote – Tuesday, November 6th.