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Top 10 Hepatitis B Related Stories of 2014


Take a look at HBF’s Top Ten picks for 2014…

1.  Viral Hepatitis More Deadly Than HIV, But Unfunded

2.  WHO: Liver Cancer Moves to the 2nd Leading Cause of Cancer Deaths in the World

3.  Hep B Cure Could Be Discovered in Bucks Co.

4.  Preventing, Treating HBV Reactivation During Immunosuppressive Therapy

5.  Antiviral Treatment among Pregnant Women with Chronic Hepatitis B

6.  HBV: Community-Based Programs May Improve Care

7.  Fighting Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer in West Africa

8.  Are US Veterans Being Appropriately Tested and Treated for Hepatitis B?

9.  Tenofovir Continues to Work Well Against Hepatitis B Virus for 8 Years

10.  Increase Seen in Liver Injury Caused by Herbals, Dietary Supplements


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