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Hepatitis Awareness Month

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month in the U.S. We will be raising  awareness of the public health impact from viral hepatitis and thehepatitis awareness month 211x205 health consequences of hepatitis B and C infections if left untreated.

Globally, about 300 million people have a chronic hepatitis B infection. In the U.S. an estimated 2.4 million people are living with the disease.

Hepatitis B is often called the “silent killer,” as people often do not realize they are infected with the virus until their liver is severely damaged. Because a chronic hepatitis B infection is the most common risk factor for liver cancer, it's critical that we improve awareness on how to prevent, diagnose and treat hepatitis B.

Individuals chronically infected with hepatitis B have a 25% to 40% lifetime risk of developing liver cancer. But it's important to note that, with proper testing and treatment, people living with hepatitis B can reduce that risk and live a long and happy life.

This month we look forward to encouraging all adults in the U.S. to get tested for hepatitis B with a simple blood test, and get vaccinated with a safe and effective vaccine, if they are not yet protected or infected. Thank you for helping us bring awareness to hepatitis B this May!

Resources For Patients

The Hepatitis B Foundation has a growing number, and rich variety of resources for patients. Below is a short list you should check out!

  • Hep B Community
    • A global online support group.
  • Physician Directory
    • Find knowledgeable doctors! The Hepatitis B Foundation maintains a directory of liver specialists to help those seeking qualified medical care. These physicians agreed to be in this searchable directory because they treat chronic hepatitis B and/or liver cancer and are willing to be contacted for further information.
  • B Heppy Podcast
    • A podcast discussing all things hepatitis B-related. Our first episode discusses the COVID-19 vaccine and people living with hepatitis B.
  • Liver Q’s Video Series on Hepatitis B
    • These short video clips answer some frequently asked questions about hepatitis B.
  • Clinical Trial Locator
    • Volunteering for a clinical trial program can be very valuable. Expensive blood work, treatment medications, and doctor’s visits are usually provided free of charge for those accepted into a study. Clinical trials also provide the opportunity to potentially benefit from the latest advances in medical science.

Resources For Providers

  • CDC’s Hepatitis Awareness Month Education Materials and Social Media Content here. [see the graphics below for social media]
  • Hep B United Philadelphia’s Provider ECHO
    • The goal of the Hepatitis B ECHO is to expand provider capacity at the primary care level to diagnose, treat and manage hepatitis B. Each ECHO session will include one case discussion and a 15-minute didactic aimed to empower providers to manage hepatitis B.


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