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Global Researchers Brainstorm Solutions in the Search for a Cure for Hepatitis B

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18 thoughts on “Global Researchers Brainstorm Solutions in the Search for a Cure for Hepatitis B”

  1. I agree with the comments that we have not discovered the best dosage of Tenofovir for use in Hepatitis B patients. When Gilead decided to get FDA approval for Tenofovir for Hepatitis B patients, it just adopted the same dosage of TDF as used for HIV patients. So there was really no dosage studies. Now with TAF, Gilead just used a dosage of TAF that is equivalent to TDF, again without a dosage study of TAF. I believe a complete inhibition of HBV replication, using the right dosage of Tenofovir, can accelerate the loss of cccDNA due to natural liver cells turnover.

    I am also wondering why there is no re-visit of using HBIG, or better still, HBSAg monoclonal antibodies as a means to reduce HBsAg in the blood and even inside infected liver cells. The use of HBsAg monoclonal antibodies was never fully explored after its attempt to gain FDA approval for use after a liver transplant was abandoned due to the large cost of a large clinical trial required by FDA. Nowadays, we have many HBsAg monoclonal antibodies with different epitopes and sizes of immunocomplexes.

    The assay for quantitative HBsAg is cheaper than the assay for hbvdna, so it is strange that qHBsAg is not routinely tested, even in Australia.

  2. we have been waiting for new treatment of hepatitis b Birinapant and entecavir which in preclinical models since 2015
    is there failure for this drugs or there is other problem about these drugs

  3. hello. Please discover hbv cure medicine. which of this medicine many families are livinf this world. pls plsbpls and update if the medicine is discovered. thank you.

    1. Hello: There is no cure yet for hepatitis B, however there are two very effective antivirals -– entecavir and tenofovir (Viread) and its TAF formulation that was recently approved by FDA –- that quickly reduce your viral load (HBV DNA) and your risk of liver damage. To find out the latest in new hepatitis B drugs in development, please visit our Drug Watch page at: http://www.hepb.org/treatment-and-management/drug-watch/
      Good luck.

  4. hello sir,
    am 34year old. am married. am infected hbsag positive past 5years back. I got treatment take entehep 0.5 mg daily but I cant take this tablet because of costly. 2012 hbv dna 21000 iu/ml. 2014 tested hbv viral load 4100. 2015 hbv viral load 219 iu/ml. now is this change negative sir. what should I do now. Please help me

    1. Hello: The medication you are taking (entehep, also called entecavir) is an antiviral that stops the virus from multiplying rapidly. As you know, antivirals work for only as long as you take them.
      Were you experiencing liver damage (high ALT/SGPT levels?) and is that why your doctor prescribed the medication?
      I recommend you talk to your doctor about what might happen if you stop taking the drug. If you did not have liver damage before starting the drug, you may be able to stop taking it without causing liver damage.
      Meanwhile, please eat healthy foods, and avoid alcohol and cigarettes to safeguard your health. Good luck.

  5. Sir is that drug her in the Philippines because I am reactive in hepatitis b pls help where do I ask about that medicines..entecavir..?

  6. I am Ade from Nigeria.a brother a mine have the hepatitis B how can he give birth to non infected children

    1. Hello: Yes, he can marry and have children without passing on his infection. But there are some important steps to take to make sure his partner and future children do not become infected.
      Before he has sexual relations without a condom, he must make sure his partner is vaccinated against hepatitis B and has enough hepatitis B antibodies (HBsAb) to protect them.
      Have them go to a doctor and get screened for hepatitis B. If they are not infected and haven’t been vaccinated in the past, they should get the three shots of the vaccine. (They may have been immunized during childhood.) The second shot is given 30 days after the first, and the third shot is given six months after the first shot.
      About one or two months after the third vaccine shot, have your partner screened for hepatitis B antibodies/titers. Or, if they were immunized in the past, have them tested now to make sure they have enough antibodies to protect them. The number of antibodies should be more than 10 mIU/mL. That means they have enough antibodies to fight off infection.
      If they were immunized long ago, their antibody levels may be under 10, if that is the case talk to your doctor and get one more hepatitis B vaccine shot (called a booster), and then test again to see if the antibodies have increased.
      Until you are certain that the partner has enough titers to fully protect them from hepatitis B, you must practice safe sex and use a condom.
      When he has children, make sure the newborns are vaccinated with the first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine within 12 hours of birth, followed by the other two shots 30 days later and five months later so they will always be protected.
      By the way, we know of an organization in Nigeria that is working to eradicate hepatitis B, which your brother may want to contact. Here is its information:
      Danjuma Adda of Chagro-Care Trust (CCT)
      T: +234 8036 542 517
      Good luck.

  7. Halo I’m 25 years old from India I’m acquire HBsag sickness. Is there any medicines available in India?? Please help me.

    1. Hello: The two recommended antivirals for treatment of hepatitis B are entecavir and tenofovir, which should be available in India. However, keep in mind that treatment is recommended ONLY if you have signs of liver damage, indicated by elevated liver enzymes (called ALT or SGPT) or signs of fibrosis/cirrhosis based on an ultrasound exam of your liver. Good luck.

  8. Hello… Am Abubakar by name. I was made to know that am hep b about 15 years ago when I was little child, I was given some medication then and I was OK since then. Last week I visited a hospital to donate blood then I was told that I was hep b reactive and I was given livolin for taking daily for 30days, and a pills for taking 3times a day which will last for a week and a paracetamol which lasts for about 4days. I was also advised to drink sugarcane or synthetic sugarcane and glucose. And avoid fatty foods items. What can you possibly say about the type and the condition of my hep b? Pls am I possibly experiencing liver damage or not damaged? Is tenofovir available in my country Nigeria?

    1. Hello: Unfortunately, livolyn forte is an herbal supplement that has not been proven to be effective against hepatitis B, nor has sugar cane been found to help liver health.
      There is no cure for hepatitis B, however if you experience liver damage, there are effective antivirals (either tenofovir or entecavir) that will help reduce viral load (HBV DNA) and the risk of liver damage.
      To find out more about herbal supplements and hepatitis B, please read: https://www.hepb.org/blog/buyer-beware-when-someone-claims-to-have-a-hepatitis-b-cure-its-a-counterfeit-drug/
      The best thing you can do for your hepatitis B is to have your liver enzymes (called ALT or SGPT) tested to find out if you are experiencing any liver damage and even require treatment.
      Another thing to do is avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and make sure your family members are tested and vaccinated.
      I do not know if tenofovir is available, but here is the contact information for a nonprofit organization in Nigeria that is working to eradicate hepatitis B:
      Danjuma Adda of Chagro-Care Trust (CCT)
      T: +234 8036 542 517

      Good luck

  9. Thanks so much for your kind regards and your tireless efforts to getting the cure for us.

  10. Hi am 36 I was infected when I was 21 but recently I have a baby and they told me l have hep b and my viral load is 0 is this mean im carrier im so scard because I have four kids they all ready get there vaccinated

    1. Hello: It is important for you to be monitored regularly, every six to 12 months, to make sure the infection is not harming your liver. They should do a liver enzyme test for ALT/SGPT through a blood test to monitor your liver health.
      Also, make sure your children have all been vaccinated. You may want to get them tested to make sure they have enough antibodies to protect them.
      Please eat healthy foods and avoid alcohol and cigarettes.
      Good luck.

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