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  1. It is really confusing to the patient… While going through the latest updates.. Seems cure is beyond reach… But most of the updates says the cure is very close now… Which one to believe..

    1. Hello: Experts predict a cure will be developed in the next five years. Researchers know more today than ever before, and there are many more research companies working on a cure, so we are far more optimistic than ever before. It may sound discouraging, but that is only because researchers know much more than in the past. Stay hopeful!

    1. Hello: TAF is a reformulated version of tenofovir. It is more effective at delivering tenofovir to infected liver, so the treatment is effective using a lower dose of tenofovir. While TAF is effective at reducing viral load and the risk of liver damage, it is not a complete cure and will not get rid of the hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). Good luck.

    1. Hello: TAF was just approved by the U.S. FDA in November 2016. I don’t know what the schedule is for reviewing TAF in Asia and Europe yet. Good luck.

      1. Which drugs is most effective… I have been taking tenofovier 300 mg.. for a year now.. But it didn’t work for me … Is it same tenofovier what is approved by FDA on November 2016?Or it works better then 300 mg

        1. Hello: Tenofovir is a very potent and effective antiviral. The new tenofovir formulation that was recently approved by the U.S. FDA is called TAF. It is more effective at reaching liver cells, and requires a lower dose of tenofovir. Perhaps this will be more effective. Good luck.

  2. Thank you so much… So now I can change to TDF to TAF? Because TDF didn’t work to me…. My viral load increase 10 time more after one year….
    Can I stop taking TDF and start taking TAF ? Please advice me

    1. Hello: Only your doctor, who knows your overall health, age, gender etc., can answer that question. Talk to your doctor about switching. Good luck.

    1. Hello: If tenofovir is causing bone loss or kidney problems, talk to your doctor about TAF (brand name Vemlidy), which contains a lower dose of tenofovir. Good luck.

  3. I just got diagnosis for hep b six months ago but my doctor sent me for ultrasound if my liver Is fuctionnig okay but when my result came out it was good.I was not given any medication from my doctor she said I will go see hepatitis Doctor next year. I was living with my ex for 3year but my Partner had not gotten the vaccines I slept with her bUT they called her immediately to come for the vaccine shot and get tested she was okay no hep B on her body.but she has the doctor if am catagious they told her No. Lastly I have a gf that I am dating for over 6weeks but I used to wear condom with her eventually the condom broke when having sex.but am worried how would I tell her now?base on the fact am not catagious am not on any medication.but I don’t think she have the vaccine shot not too sure help how would I express myself to her what are the circumstances

    1. Hello: We recommend in the interest of trust and honesty, you should disclose your infection before having sex with someone. First, it’s the honest thing to do, and also there is always a small risk of transmitting hepatitis B even if you try your best with safe sex to avoid it, as you have discovered.
      I recommend your talk to the woman you have been dating and explain about your hepatitis B. Encourage her to get tested and vaccinated to protect her health, as there are many people out there with hepatitis B.
      For more information on disclosure and dating, please read: https://www.hepb.org/blog/romance-in-the-air-take-a-deep-breath-and-disclose/
      Good luck.

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