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  1. It been 3yrs since a sister of mine had de disease both her liver profile n function test is normal n her viral load viral load is undetected recently….
    Pl she has bn told not to take any medicationfrm her Doctor……
    Is she safe becos she is not on anymedication…

    1. Hello: Keep in mind that not everyone with hepatitis B requires treatment, many people live long and healthy lives with hepatitis B. Generally, medical guidelines recommend treatment if you are experiencing liver damage. This is indicated by an ultrasound and a simple blood test for the liver enzyme ALT (also called SGPT). Our liver cells release ALT when they are damaged or die. Healthy ALT levels for men are up to 30, and for women they are up to 19. Please make sure your sister is monitored regularly in case the infection begins to cause liver damage and she requires treatment. Good luck.

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