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Hepatitis B Foundation supports launch of new global online forum dedicated to supporting people with hepatitis B, connecting with health experts

Doylestown, April 13, 2021 – The Hepatitis B Foundation is pleased to support the official launch of, a new global online forum dedicated to supporting those living with and affected by hepatitis B.

Founder of the new online forum and Westmead Hospital’s hepatitis B researcher, Dr. Thomas Tu said, “Hepatitis B affects almost 300 million people globally and kills 800,000 people per year through liver cancer or liver failure.”

“While hepatitis B remains incurable, it can be managed and treated. But, people with hepatitis B face social stigma and discrimination, discouraging them from seeking medical help that could prevent progression of their illness to serious disease like liver cancer,” Tu added.

Living with hepatitis B himself, Tu founded for affected people worldwide to connect with each other, form support networks, and get advice from verified medical experts and researchers.

Westmead Hospital’s Storr Liver Centre and the Hepatitis B Foundation have provided start-up funding and coordinate the forum with support from the World Hepatitis Alliance. The site is peer-led, volunteer run and is free to join. Already, more than 200 members from all over the world have joined.

Chari Cohen, DrPH, MPH, senior vice president, Hepatitis B Foundation, believes, “The new forum is critically important because people can anonymously seek advice about how to live with hepatitis B, and what they can do to protect their liver and long-term health.”

“The ultimate goal is to save lives,” adds Su Wang, MD, MPH, president, World Hepatitis Alliance. “This is a safe and friendly online community that gives people around the world the information and support they need to live successfully with hepatitis B.”

The forum, however, is not intended to replace doctor and specialist consultations for the medical care or treatment of hepatitis B.

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About is a global online forum that represents a safe and free platform created to support people living with and affected by hepatitis B, and to connect them with health experts and scientists in the field. It is funded and coordinated by the Storr Liver Centre, Westmead Hospital Foundation, and Hepatitis B Foundation with support from the World Hepatitis Alliance. To learn more, go to


About the Storr Liver Centre: The Storr Liver Centre is one of the top research and patient care centers in the world that aims to understand liver disease and liver cancer, with the ultimate goal of developing effective preventive and curative strategies. We have active research programs in liver cancer, metabolic liver disease, and hepatitis B virus infection. To learn more, please contact Dr. Thomas Tu ( or Prof. Jacob George (


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About the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA): The World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) is an international umbrella organisation with over 300 members in 100 countries. WHA represents the 325 million people living with viral hepatitis worldwide. WHA strives to support and promote the voices of the people and communities affected by viral hepatitis, to raise the profile of viral hepatitis and to establish comprehensive hepatitis strategies in all countries. Through better awareness, prevention, care, support and access to treatment, the ultimate goal is to work with governments to eliminate these diseases by 2030. To learn more, go to