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Hepatitis B Foundation

Top Stories

Global Hepatitis B Epidemic Treatable at Cost of Just $36 Per Patient Per Year
April 13 – Large-scale production of generic entecavir could cut the cost of first-line hepatitis B therapy to just $36 per patient per year, possibly facilitating low-cost global therapy for HBV.  Read more.

As WHO Drafts Its Global Health Strategies, a Need to Reconsider Viral Hepatitis Response
April 13 – WHO is drafting its global health strategies and seeking input on 3 global health sectors including viral hepatitis. It's time hepatitis B gets the attention it deserves with a focus on a strategic public health response. Comments are due by April 30, 2015. Read more.

End-Stage Liver Disease is a Concern for People With HIV and Hepatitis B or C Co-Infection
April 13 – People with HIV and hepatitis B or C virus co-infection are more likely to progress to end-stage liver disease, or liver failure, than those with HIV alone, and individuals triply infected with all three viruses face the greatest risk, according to study findings presented at the recent CROI 2015. Read more.

Nigeria: Growing Scourge of Hepatitis B in Nigeria
April 13 – Over 350 million people worldwide are infected with chronic hepatitis B, with Nigeria topping the list of African countries with a high incidence rate, with over 20 million Nigerians infected and thousands dying from liver-related diseases every year.  Read more.

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HBF Happenings

Institute Assembles Team of 'All-Star Researchers' to Cure Hepatitis B
HepB United April 6– The Baruch S. Blumberg Institute has recruited a new team of nationally renowned, “all Star researchers” who will focus exclusively on developing a cure for hepatitis B, with a goal for breakthrough therapies within the next three years. Read more.

Hepatitis on the Hill - HBV Personal Perspective and Action Alert
HepB UnitedMarch 17 – A personal reflection of last week’s Hepatitis on the Hill, which was organized by Hep B United, the National Viral Hepatitis Round Table and the Hepatitis Appropriations Partnership, and brought together 75 viral hepatitis advocates to raise awareness on Capitol Hill. Be sure to contact your State legislators to let them know that hepatitis B is important to you. Read more.

Read the 2014 Annual Report of the Hepatitis B Foundation and Its Baruch S. Blumberg Institute 

Hepatitis B Virus Turns 50 This Year! 



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Crystal Ball Gala

Calendar of Events

April 17 – Crystal Ball
Hepatitis B Foundation Crystal Ball honoring Dr. Eugene Schiff
Warrington, PA

April 22-26 – EASL Liver Congress
European Association for the Study of the Liver
Vienna, Austria

May - Hepatitis Awareness Month
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

May 19 - Hepatitis Testing Day
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Events across the United States

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