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Welcome to the
Hepatitis B Foundation

Top Stories

9 Facts About Your Liver
Oct 20 – October is Liver Awareness and Liver Cancer Awareness Month! You might not think twice about your liver, but here’s why you should. Read more.

Tekmira Pharma Presents TKM-HBV Preclinical Study Data
Oct 20 – Tekmira Pharmaceuticals presented preclinical results showing potent and rapid reduction of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) demonstrated using TKM-HBV, their therapeutic agent targeting hepatitis B. Read more.

Liver Transplanted Second time in Hong Kong Man
Oct 20 - Hong Kong surgeons have performed a double world first with a transplant from one Hepatitis B sufferer to another with a liver that had already been transplanted once 11 years ago. Read more.

Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver, Study Suggests
Oct 20 – Extra pounds cause the liver to age faster, potentially explaining why obesity is linked to diseases like liver cancer and insulin resistance, new research suggests. Read more.


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HBF Happenings

Hepatitis B Foundation’s Young Scientists Program Supported by Fulton Bank

DOYLESTOWN, PA, October, 2014 – The Hepatitis B Foundation’s (HBF) High School Science Enrichment Program recently received an $8,500 donation from the Fulton Bank, N.A. This contribution was provided though the State’s “Educational Improvement Tax Credit” (EITC) program. The Pennsylvania EITC tax credit program allows businesses to receive tax credits for corporate state tax dollars they donate to educational programs such as the HBF’s Science Enrichment Program. Read more...


Campaign Focuses on Reducing HBV in Chinese City
Aug 25 – The Hepatitis B Foundation published initial results from its 3-year outreach campaign in Haimen City, China, which is the first of its kind to provide hepatitis B education to an entire city that included clinicians, civic leaders and the city’s 1 million residents. Read the HBF publication.


Hep B United Issues Recommendations on HHS Action Plan

Hepatitis B Foundationís Joan Block Honored at White House


Hepatitis B Foundationís Joan Block Honored at White House



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 Calendar of Events

Oct. 9-11 - The Viral Hepatitis Congress
The Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Center, Frankfurt, Germany

Oct. 10-11 - 2nd International Conference on Occult Hepatitis B infection (OBI)
Co-organizers: Conference President Profs. Chengyao Li and Yongshui Fu, with Prof. Jean-Pierre Allain Guangzhou, PR China

Nov. 7-11 - The Liver Meeting 2014
American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD)
Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA

Nov. 10 - Hepatitis B SIG at AASLD
at 4:45 pm
The Next Generation of HBV Therapy
Co-Chairs: Drs. Jake T. Liang and Tim Block

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