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Hepatitis B Foundation Announces third series of continuing education program on hepatitis B for health care providers and public health professionals

The Foundation continues this successful ECHO Model™ program starting in Jan. 2023.

Doylestown, Pa., Dec. 8, 2022 – The Hepatitis B Foundation launched Hep B Project ECHO in 2021, and the program is now gearing up for a third series. This free CME continuing education series for health care providers and public health professionals uses the ECHO Model™ to deliver educational content about hepatitis B to physicians, nurses, pharmacists, public health coordinators, medical students/fellows and other health care professionals.

This session will include didactic topics on Hepatitis B Management, Screening, Surveillance for Liver Cancer, Hepatitis Delta, Biomarkers and Hepatitis B Prevention. The first webinar will take place on Jan.26, 2023, and continue on the fourth Thursday of every month from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. EST. Please register here.

The ECHO Model™ is a nationally recognized physician education model using proven adult learning techniques and interactive video technology, the ECHO Model™ connects groups of community providers with specialists in regular real-time collaborative sessions. The sessions, designed around case-based learning and mentorship, help local workers gain the expertise required to provide needed services. Each session will include one case discussion and a short 15 minute didactic aimed to empower providers to evaluate, monitor, and treat patients with hepatitis B in the primary care setting.

“We have seen great success with the ECHO Model™ in our two previous sessions and see 30-50 participants in each time. This is an incredibly valuable tool and we hope to welcome even more participants during this new series,” Catherine Freeland, MPH, PhD(c), associate director of public health research for the Hepatitis B Foundation, said. “What makes Project ECHO so valuable is the case-based learning experience, and our expert providers who help make this program possible. This unique format helps providers become empowered in treating patients with hepatitis B in a primary care setting.”

Hep B Project ECHO Philadelphia is approved for continuing medical education credit for physicians. More information and registration access is posted here.

The co-sponsors of Hep B Project ECHO are the National Task Force on Hepatitis B and Hep B United Philadelphia.