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Philadelphia City Council recognizes May as Hepatitis Awareness Month

In partnership with key stakeholders, the city is working to create a citywide Hepatitis Elimination Plan. 

Philadelphia, May 5, 2021 – The Hepatitis B Foundation and Hep B United Philadelphia applaud the City of Philadelphia’s Resolution that recognizes May as Hepatitis Awareness Month.

PhilaCityCouncil screenshot 5May2022

Council Members David Oh and Cindy Bass introduced the resolution today (May 5) to recognize and support the joint efforts of Hep B United Philadelphia and the Hepatitis C Allies of Philadelphia coalitions, who aim to raise awareness of the link between viral hepatitis and liver cancer.

In the U.S., approximately 7 million individuals are living with hepatitis B and C including about 75,000 Philadelphians. Hepatitis B is the world’s most serious liver infection causing over 80% of primary liver cancer cases and disproportionally impacting Asian, Pacific Islander and African communities. Liver cancer in the United States is the only cancer that continues to increase in new cases and deaths each year, which is primarily due to infections with hepatitis B and C. 

Currently the City of Philadelphia, in partnership with key stakeholders, is working to create a citywide Hepatitis Elimination Plan to strategically guide reducing the negative impact of viral hepatitis B, hepatitis C and hepatitis Delta infections through a collaborative effort. The Hepatitis B Foundation and Hep B United Philadelphia look forward to working with the city council to move forward with elimination efforts and reduce health disparities associated with hepatitis in Philadelphia.

“We thank the Philadelphia city council for supporting this resolution,” said Catherine Freeland, MPH, public health program director at the Hepatitis B Foundation. “This resolution helps remind and educate Philadelphians of the link between viral hepatitis and liver cancer. Hopefully this will encourage our community to go out and get tested and talk to their doctor about prevention efforts.”

Evangeline Wang, the Foundation’s public health coordinator, said: “We look forward to spreading awareness through community partnerships in Philadelphia and providing free screenings and education in Greater Philadelphia.”

To learn more about hepatitis B upcoming events, or to request screening at your event, visit the Hep B United Philadelphia website.