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HBF Reports and Publications

The Hepatitis B Foundation and Blumberg Institute have produced the following reports and manuscripts toward the elimination of hepatitis B and related scientific advances

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Below are published manuscripts aimed at supporting the elimination of hepatitis B.

The Role of the Pharmacist in Preventing Hepatitis B in the Context of the Opioid Crisis (2020)

The purpose of this document is to inform individuals that Hepatitis B is transmitted through infected blood and body fluids, and common routes of transmission include unprotected sexual contact, perinatal transmission, and injection drug use for example the Opioid Crisis. 

Profiling the circulating mRNA transcriptome in human liver disease. Oncotarget, June, 9, 2020 (2020)

This report profiles the human circulating mRNA transcriptome in people with liver cirrhosis (LC) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) to determine whether mRNA analytes can be used as biomarkers of liver disease.

Protein phosphatase 1 catalyzes HBV core protein dephosphorylation and is co-packaged with viral pregenomic RNA into nucleocapsids (2020)
The purpose of this document is to identify RNA packaging into nucleocapsids sheds new light on the molecular mechanism of HBV replication and development of therapeutics to cure chronic HBV infection

Protecting the Rights of Health Care Students Living With Hepatitis B Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (2020)
The purpose of this document is to identify the issues of Living with HBV infection can mean living with stigma and discrimination.

Opportunities for Federal-Community Collaboration to Reduce Disparities in Hepatitis B: 2014-2016 (2020)

The purpose of this document is to identify areas where Hep B United and other community-based coalitions can work with federal agencies and within their local coalition to further the priority areas identified in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The Impact of Nail Salon Industry Policies and Regulations on Hepatitis B Awareness and Prevention (2019)
This report reviews results of an analysis of the nail salon occupational environment and culture, and identifies opportunities for state-level policy or regulatory interventions and community-based strategies to increase education, screening, prevention, and treatment for hepatitis B.

Roadmap for a Cure (2017)
This report provides an overview of our research agenda, with information on priority research areas and potential funding.

Research Priorities for the Discovery of a Cure for Chronic Hepatitis B: Report of a Workshop (Science Direct, 2017)
This publication summarizes the opinions of 30 experts in the fields of hepatitis B and liver cancer research convened by the Hepatitis B Foundation to identify projects they deemed important to the goal of finding a cure for chronic hepatitis B and D and the diseases with which these viral infections are associated.

Hepatitis B Foundation and FDA Meeting Report (2017)
Representatives from the Hepatitis B Foundation and HBV Forum met with representatives from the US FDA in March 2017 to discuss clinical development of hepatitis B therapeutics.