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B Informed Social Media Toolkit

Please find below our B Informed social media toolkit, designed to raise awareness about, stop stigma around, promote testing for, and explain different aspects of hepatitis B. Please feel free to download, post, and share widely! Different sizes are available for Facebook/Instagram and Twitter.  

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Statistics | Vaccines | Testing | Monitoring/Care | Stigma | Liver Cancer | Symptoms | Blood Tests | Transmission | Acute vs. Chronic Hep B


Only 9 are aware of infection FB IG Despite a safe and effective vaccine... Twitter 22.2 Million Americans + Self Assessment Twitter Every 30 Seconds Twitter

 Despite a safe and effective vaccine... FB IG 1   Mortality Statistics FB IG 1 2.2 Million Americans + Self Assessment FB IG How many with hep B receive care US FB IG Every 30 seconds FB IG4   How many with hep B receive care Worldwide FB IG


Benefit of Vaccines FB IG One Vaccine Can Protect Your Baby from Five Diseases Twitter6 One Vaccine Can Protect Your Baby from Five Diseases FB IG One Vaccine Can Protect Your Baby from Five Diseases IG FB II Benefit of Vaccines TW  Vaccine 2 Pokes 300MR TW 3

    Vaccine 2 Pokes 300 MR FB IG 1 Hep B Vaccination for Babies FB IG  Hep B Vaccination for Babies FB IG II Importance of Birth Dose FB IGImportance of Birth Dose TW


Get Tested Early FB IN I Get Tested Early FB IN II Get Tested Early FB IN III Get Tested Early TW I


 Regular Monitoring FB IG III 2  Regular Monitoring FB IG II 2 Regular Monitoring FB IG I 2 Pencil It In Liver Appointment FB IG Pencil It In Liver Appointment TW


Symptoms Stigma I Twitter Symptoms Stigma II Twitter

Symptoms Stigma II FB IG Marriage I FB IG Marriage II FB IG Marriage III FB IG Marriage IV FB IG Marriage I Twitter

Marriage II TwitterMarriage III Twitter

Marriage IV Twitter Symptoms Stigma I FB IG Symptoms Stigma III FB IG

Liver Cancer

 Liver Cancer I FB IG 3 Liver Cancer II FB IG 1


Symptoms I FB IG Symptoms I Twitter

Blood Tests

300MR Blood test graphic Twitter 300MR Blood test graphic HBF


Transmission Razors FB IG Transmission Food I FB IG Transmission Food III FB IG Transmission FB IG Transmission II FB IG  

Acute vs. Chronic Hepatitis B

300 MR Acute v Chronic Hep B FB IG