The Hepatitis B Foundation is hosting the B Informed Patient Conference, a FREE event in Philadelphia on Saturday, July 27. Register here.


About Us

Our Goals 

Hep B United Philadelphia was launched to address the growing severity of hepatitis B and liver cancer in Philadelphia and the U.S. The primary goals of the Philadelphia coalition are to:

(1) Raise the profile of hepatitis B and liver cancer as an urgent health priority;

(2) Promote hepatitis B testing and vaccination, particularly among at‐risk populations; and

(3) Stimulate community engagement and involvement to improve access to care for prevention and treatment to reduce the local burden of hepatitis B and liver cancer.

To help achieve these goals, Hep B United Philadelphia has established partnerships across the city. These diverse collaborations enhance the coalition’s ability to develop multi-level community engagement activities and allows for a more thorough dissemination of information.