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Liver Cancer Connect - Newly Diagnosed

The word “cancer” can be scary and overwhelming. To help you understand more about liver cancer, this website provides information on the types of liver cancer, how the cancer is diagnosed and staged, and the different treatment options.

What Kind of Liver Cancer Do I Have?

The most common type of liver cancer is called hepatocellular carcinoma, but other types of liver cancer are possible. Read more…

What Is the Stage of My Liver Cancer?

Health care providers use a process called staging to see if the cancer has spread. Knowing the stage of the cancer is very important when deciding on treatment options. Read more…

What Are My Treatment Options?

In the past 20 years, the prevention and treatment of liver cancer has improved tremendously and there is more hope for people with this cancer. Liver cancer can now often be prevented, detected at an early stage, and effectively treated with options available for the different stages. Read more…

How Do I Decide on the Right Treatment?

The right treatment should balance the benefits and risks of each treatment option. This website describes the most common treatment options, their side effects, and how health care providers make recommendations for a treatment plan. Read more…

How Can I Participate in My Health Care?

Learning more about your treatment options will help you decide on your treatment plan with your health care team. Click on Talking to Your Health Care Team for suggestions on how you can prepare for your appointments and questions to ask your health care team. The Resources page lists different support and advocacy groups that can provide more information and help you and your family cope with your diagnosis and treatment. The Follow-Up Care section offers tips on what you can expect after treatment.

This website also provides a directory of Liver Cancer Specialists. For explanations of commonly used terms in liver cancer care, refer to the Glossary.