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HBV & Liver Cancer Connection

Making the Connection: Shining a Light on the Link Between Hepatitis B and Liver Cancer to Increase Screening, Prevention, and Linkage to Care


In 2021, the Hepatitis B Foundation conducted a series of focus groups with communities from around the United States, which are heavily impacted by liver cancer related to hepatitis B, in order to better understand existing levels of awareness and knowledge in these communities about the connection between hepatitis B and liver cancer, and to collect ideas about how best to disseminate this information in a culturally competent way. These suggestions and other information collected during the focus groups have informed the creation of a multi-cultural communications campaign, highlighting the link between the two diseases in a way that is accessible and that will encourage higher rates of screening, prevention, and linkage to care for hepatitis B, and early detection for both hepatitis B and liver cancer. 

Our ultimate goal is to have materials available for twelve different communities, which we hope to achieve by February 2024. In the meantime, we are excited to share the materials that we have thus far! These materials can be shared via social media and through other digital channels, and can also be printed and mailed out. If you are interested in having any materials printed, or would like any more information or resources specific to your community, or any more information about the campaign, please reach out to beatrice.zovich@hepb.org. Stay tuned for more to come in early 2024!

Resources for Mandarin-Speaking Communities

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