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Community Advisory Board

Hepatitis B and D Global Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The mission of the CAB is to integrate community perspectives and expertise into hepatitis B and D drug development, as well as public health and clinical research, to ensure that the voices of those living with and affected by hepatitis B and D are represented, and to drive progress toward a hepatitis B cure and effective hepatitis D therapeutics. The HBV CAB is an all-volunteer group composed of 12-15 people living with and affected by CHB who provide individual expertise to inform hepatitis B drug and clinical trial development. HBV-CAB members serve 24-month terms.

  • Provide training and education to facilitate increased community engagement in and awareness of hepatitis B and D drug development, public health research, and programming clinical trials
  • Establish and maintain opportunities for community members to interact with researchers and other key stakeholders and provide their input/recommendations on topics such as drug development and clinical trials, treatment guidelines, and hepatitis B and D diagnostics.
  • Promote diverse and inclusive representation of communities highly affected by hepatitis B and D in drug development, public health research and programming, and clinical research
Anthony Atuhaire, Uganda Silvana Lesidrenska, Bulgaria
Bright Ansah, United States Baasansuren Lkhagvasuren, Mongolia
Joe Balestreri, United States Wendy Lo, United States
Jacki Chen, Unites States/Taiwan Partizan Malkaj, Albania
Dan-Andrei Cretu, Romania Chris Munoz, Philippines
George Sebastian Gherlan, Romania Richard Njouom, Cameroon
Susan Amanda Goldring, United Kingdom Prince Ochuko Okinedo, Nigeria
Ibrahima Gueye, Senegal Danielle Raphael, Israel
Melissa Hsu, United States Lori Scott, United States
Shaibu Issa, Tanzania Lien Tran, Australia
Kenneth Kabagambe, Uganda Thomas Tu, Australia
Philip Kwame Yeboah, Ghana