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From Our Partners

In May of 2024, we were excited to hear about the work of Dr. Yusuke Shimakawa, Epidemiologist at the Institut Pasteur at the City University of Paris, Department of Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases, who shared about his recent work on determining effective models for HBV treatment in the Gambia. You can view Dr. Shimakawa's slides here

In March of 2024, we were happy to be joined by Dr. Jose Debes of the University of Minnesota, who leads the African Hepatitis B Network and helped to create the HBV Africa app. Dr. Debes spoke about many of the efforts in which he is engaged to achieve hepatitis B elimination, and highlighted the work of the network especially. You can view Dr. Debes' slides here. 

In January 2024, for our first call of the new year, we were honored to be joined by Dr. Adrienne Simmons, Director of Programs at the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable, and Kenneth Kabagambe, Executive Director of the National Organization for People Living with Hepatitis B in Uganda. Both presented about their approaches to advocacy and coalition-building. You can view Mr. Kabagambe's slides here.

For our November 2023, we were excited to be joined by Sunyasemeni Almond Ezra, Executive Director of Jeneso Development Initiative in Adamawa, Nigeria, who presented on efforts the organization has been making to establish hepatitis B prevalence in the local government area, through offering education and screening, as well as vaccination and linkage to care. Mr. Ezra also discussed effective approaches to data collection, management, and presentation. You can view Mr. Ezra's slides here. 

Montefiore Einstein Starfish Project is working to raise awareness and increase hepatitis B screening for people of West African descent in the Bronx, NYC. Click here to support their efforts and get more details on the program.

The Starfish Program has hepatitis B fact sheets available for West African communities that can be found in English, TwiHausa, French, and Igbo.

African Services Committee in New York City created a flyer in both English and French about understanding your hepatitis B test results. View this resource here.