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Get Involved

Nobody knows a community better than those living and working in it - that’s why we need your help! Working directly with community members, leaders, and organizations is critical to preventing transmission and improving health outcomes. Below are some tips on how to get involved with hepatitis B awareness and education on a local level.

For Organizations and Individuals

  1. Host a screening event - If your organization is located in or knows of a community that is at high-risk for hepatitis B, you can contact us to arrange a screening event in your community.

  2. Invite us to your event - Distributing information is just as important as screening. If you are having a community event such as a health fair, let us know! We can pass out information and help to educate attendees.

  3. Follow us - Social media engagement plays a big role in advocacy and education so follow, retweet, and repost our information!

  4. Host a staff/volunteer training - We can help your staff and volunteers learn about hepatitis B, so that they can pass the knowledge on to the communities you serve.

For Medical, Public Health, and Allied Health Students or Professionals

  1. Volunteer for a screening - Hep B United Philadelphia works closely with many student organizations. It is a great way to get hands-on experience directly serving communities. If you are interested in volunteering, contact us for more details.