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CHIPO Overview

CHIPO, meaning “gift” in the Shona language, seeks to promote hepatitis B education and prevention among African communities, and the healthcare providers and organizations that serve them, through raising awareness, developing local and national partnerships, and advocating for increased screening and improved linkage to care services. We currently have almost 70 coalition partners around the U.S. and in Africa dedicated to addressing viral hepatitis in African communities.

The primary goals of CHIPO are to:

  • Discuss issues around the diagnosis and treatment of HBV among African people.
  • Engage and further educate healthcare, service, and other providers about the importance of hepatitis B testing, prevention, and timely treatment.
  • Ensure that African communities are represented in HBV discussions and programs regionally and nationally.
  • Create and support infrastructure of a “Hepatitis B Among African Immigrants” workgroup.

CHIPO strategies and activities include:

  • Assessing current barriers to hepatitis B screening among African communities and developing strategies to reduce those barriers for the future.
  • Coordinating and conducting awareness and educational presentations and events with and for the community.
  • Sharing relevant topics, research, and interventions via presentations, conference calls, and webinars.
  • Promoting the coalition and the work of coalition members, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Contact us to learn more or join our coalition! We welcome any and all organizations and individuals who want to play a role in this exciting campaign.

For more information, please contact or (215) 489-4900.

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Twitter: @CHIPO_HBV

Instagram: @chipo_hbv

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