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The first treatment for hepatitis delta, Hepcludex, was approved in July of 2020 for perscription in the European Union. This drug binds to and inactivates the essential HDV receptors on liver cells. The long-term effects of this medication are still being evaluated. Previously, the only treatment for hepatitis delta found to be somewhat effective was pegylated interferon alpha, which acts by stimulating the body's immune system to fight the virus. A small percentage (<25%) of patients experience remission when injected weekly over periods of 48 weeks or longer. Antiviral treatments that are effective in controlling hepatitis B have no effect on hepatitis delta, but are often recommended as part of a patient's treatment plan to control their hepatitis B. Treatment Endpoints Webinar 1

For more information about Hepcludex and other promising new hepatitis delta drugs in the pipeline, visit our drug watch page.