Our team assists with new WHO guidelines for treatment of hepatitis B -- read more here


Resources for Vietnamese Communities

Resources for Vietnamese Communities 

Fact Sheets, Flyers, and Infographics 

Myths & Misconceptions            Questions to Ask Your Doctor    For Health Workers & Faith Leaders

Myths and Misconceptions2    Vietnamese Discussion Guide        Community Health Workers2

For Community Members        Provider Infographic

Community Members5   Serology Interpretation5

Other Resources

PowerPoint for Educators (in Vietnamese) 

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Testing/Vaccination Resource Card     Take This Card to Your Doctor

Vietnamese TestingVax Resources Vietnamese and Vaccine Card

Where to Turn If You Are Directly Impacted by Hepatitis B

Hep B Support Community Resources8

Social Media Promotion Videos

"Get Tested for Hep B Today!" - Vietnamese Option 1

"Get Tested for Hep B Today!" - Vietnamese Option 2


  • Translated materials
  • Radio ads
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  • Personal testimonials

Social Media Assets (Zalo/Viber)

Intro to Hep B 

INSTA Intro to Hep B INSTA Intro to Hep B 1 INSTA Intro to Hep B 3INSTA Intro to Hep B 5INSTA Intro to Hep B 7 INSTA Intro to Hep B 9 INSTA Intro to Hep B 11 INSTA Intro to Hep B 13INSTA Intro to Hep B 15 INSTA Intro to Hep B 17 INSTA Intro to Hep B 19Instagram Facebook Viber Fieldwork Twitter

Intro to Hep B and Liver Cancer

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Hep B Back to Basics for Vietnamese Communities Social Media Toolkit

General Social Media Toolkit for Vietnamese Communities

Social Media Assets (Zalo/Viber)


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Symptoms Slide 23 Symptoms Slide 22 


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Recently Diagnosed with Hep B 1 Not a death sentence3 Management Tips3 If Left Unmanaged3 CTA3 Claims of herbal remedies3 


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