Hepatitis B drug developers chart slow progress forward, just like hep C before it. Read more here.


Resources for Mandarin-Speaking Communities

Resources for Mandarin-Speaking Communities 

Fact Sheets, Flyers, & Infographics

Myths and Misconceptions        Questions to Ask Your Doctor      For Health Workers & Faith Leaders

Transmission2      Discussion Guide2       Health Workers3

For Community Members         Provider Infographic

Community Members7   Serology Intepretation

Other Resources 

PowerPoint for Educators (in Mandarin) 


Testing/Vaccination Resource Cards

 Mandarin TestingVax Resources Mandarin Testing and Vaccine Card 1

Where to Turn If You Are Directly Impacted by Hepatitis B 

 Hep B Support Community Resources14


  • Online radio ads
  • Instructional videos for WeChat
  • YouTube ads
  • Personal testimonials
  • Translated materials

Social Media Assets (WeChat)

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