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Resources for Ethiopian Communities

Resources for Ethiopian Communities

Fact Sheets, Flyers & Infographics

Myths & Misconceptions Flyer/Infographic                      Questions to Ask Your Doctor     

Transmission Myths2    MythsMisconceptions Infographic 1      Discussion Guide4       

For Health Workers & Faith Leaders      For Community Members

Health Workers4                  Youth

Other Resources 

PowerPoint for Educators

Ethiopian Hepatitis B PPT for Educators

Take This Card to Your Doctor                                  Testing/Vaccination Resource Card    

Ethiopian Testing and Vaccine Card Local TestingVax Resources 

Takeaway Cards

TestingVaccination Takeway Card 1 Ethiopian Community Takeway Card Management Facts Ethiopian Community Takeaway Card Transmission Facts  

Ethiopian Community Takeaway Card Testing Facts Ethiopian Community Takeaway Card Intro to Hep B Ethiopian Community Takeaway Card Prevention Facts Ethiopian Community Takeaway Card Symptoms Facts 

Where to Turn If You Are Directly Impacted by Hepatitis B

Hep B Support Community Resources 4


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Back to Basics

Hep B Is Very Common Back to Basics Hep B Stats Your Liver Is Important Everyone Should Get Tested Anyone Can Get Hep B3


Hep B Transmission transmission NOT shared MTCT Is Most Common Hep B Is Not Genetic Hep B and Stigma Transmission Basic Transmission Hep B Is NOT Spread HBV Is Not Caused By a Bird Evil Eye


Where to Get Tested Vaxxed Testing Benefits Dont Wait Protect Your Liver and Your Live Get Tested for Your Family Find a Testing Location Benefits of Testing You Are In Control


Social Media Assets (Facebook & WhatsApp)


Symptoms of HBV and Liver Cancer Symptoms May Take Years


Prevention Is Better than Cure Vaccine Can Protect for a Lifetime The HBV Vaccine Can Prevent Liver Cancer Keeping Your Family Healthy


Acute vs. Chronic Hep B HBV and LC Connection Hep B Is Manageable Hep B Is Not a Death Sentence Hep B Is Not a Punishment Management of Hep B and Liver Cancer Managing Hep B Reduces LC Risk No Cure But Treatment People Can Live Long and Healthy Lives Stay Away from False Cures Visit Website for More About Tx and Managmeent

Myths and Misconceptions

Myths Hep B Treatments Myth Symptoms of Hep B Myth Contracting Hep B

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