Hepatitis B drug developers chart slow progress forward, just like hep C before it. Read more here.


Resources for Cantonese-Speaking Communities

Resources for Cantonese-Speaking Communities

Fact Sheets, Flyers, and Infographics

Myths & Misconceptions               Questions to Ask Your Doctor       For Health Workers & Faith Leaders

Transmission        Cantonese Discussion Guide 1        CHWs

For Community Members

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Other Resources

Testing/Vaccination Resource Cards

Cantonese TestingVax Resources 1 Cantonese Card2

Where To Turn If You Are Directly Impacted by Hepatitis B

Hep B Support Community Resources


  • Translated materials
  • Newspaper ads
  • YouTube videos
  • Personal testimonials

Social Media Assets (WeChat)

Intro to Hep B & Liver Cancer

Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 1 1 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 2 1 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 3 1 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 4 1 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 5 1 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 6 1


Transmission Slide 1 3 Transmission Slide 2 Transmission Slide 4 Transmission Slide 6 Transmission Slide 8


Testing Slide 1 Testing Slide 3 Testing Slide 5 Testing Slide 7For cantonese community When you take care of yourself you are taking care of your family. Get tested for Hepatitis B today. 1

Social Media Toolkit with Suggested Captions

Social Media Assets (WeChat)


Symptoms Slide 1 Symptoms Slide 3


Prevention Slide 1 Prevention Slide 7 Prevention Slide 9


Management Slide 1 Management Slide 2 Management Slide 3 Management Slide 4 Management Slide 5 Management Slide 6 Management Slide 7

Testing (Continued)

Testing Slide 5 3 Testing Slide 6 4 Testing Slide 7 3 For cantonese community Strength in numbers i.e. blood tests ad 1