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Resources for Cantonese-Speaking Communities

Resources for Cantonese-Speaking Communities

Fact Sheets, Flyers, and Infographics

Myths & Misconceptions               Questions to Ask Your Doctor       For Health Workers & Faith Leaders

Transmission        Cantonese Discussion Guide 1        CHWs

For Community Members

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Other Resources

Testing/Vaccination Resource Card     Take This Card to Your Doctor

Cantonese TestingVax Resources 1 Cantonese Card2

Where To Turn If You Are Directly Impacted by Hepatitis B

Hep B Support Community Resources

Social Media Promotion Videos

"Get Tested for Hep B Today!" - Cantonese and English

"Get Tested for Hep B Today!" - Cantonese Only

"Get Tested for Hep B Today!" - English Only

Educational Video Series: Intro, Video 1 (Prevalence), Video 2 (Tests and Vaccines), Video 3 (Safe and Effective), Video 4 (Risk Factor), Video 5 (Get Tested English), Video 6 (Get Tested Cantonese)


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Social Media Assets (WeChat)

Intro to Hep B & Liver Cancer

Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 1 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 12 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 8 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 9 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 11 Intro To Hep B Liver Cancer Slide 10


Transmission Slide 74 Transmission Slide 72 Transmission Slide 71 Transmission Slide 75 Transmission Slide 73


Testing Slide 99 Testing Slide 100 Testing Slide 103 Testing Slide 98 

Social Media Toolkit with Suggested Captions

Social Media Assets (WeChat)


Symptoms Slide 45 Symptoms Slide 44


Prevention Slide 23 Prevention Slide 22 Prevention Slide 21


Management Slide 98 Management Slide 100 Management Slide 96 Management Slide 97 Management Slide 99 Management Slide 101 Management Slide 102 

Testing (Continued)

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