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My country does not have a clinical trial for hepatitis B. Is it possible to travel to another country to participate?

Volunteering for a clinical trial is noble and valuable. Participating in a clinical trial can be a great opportunity to benefit from the latest advances, often with medication and expensive tests paid for if accepted into the study. However, it is common that clinical trials are run only in certain countries. This is often because the researcher has permission (or funding) to operate in certain countries, or because this is where the study team is based. In other situations, the country where you live may not have properly equipped and validated laboratories or may not approve the study because of regulatory restrictions.

Please keep in mind that participating in a clinical trial usually involves a number of visits to the medical facility to administer treatment or for follow up tests. This makes participating in clinical trials practically impossible for those living outside of a country that is a trial site.  

Additionally, countries where clinical trials are conducted, don’t grant entry visas for those willing to participate in clinical trials based only on participation in a clinical trial.

Although this may sound disappointing, you should not lose hope, as regulations and research funding opportunities can sometimes change. To search for hepatitis B clinical trials near you, visit our clinical trials webpage.

While you wait for an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial, or for a functional cure to be discovered, it is important to ensure your liver and general health are in the best health possible. This includes seeing a knowledgeable doctor about your hepatitis B infection and liver health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly. If treatment with currently available antivirals such as tenofovir and entecavir are advised, please do consider the importance of these treatments on your liver health. Your goal is to keep your liver as healthy as possible for when there is a functional cure available for hepatitis B.

Please note that the Hepatitis B Foundation does not fund or conduct clinical trials, but we believe it is important to let the hepatitis B community know about opportunities to participate. We will always continue sending information about new ways to get involved.

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Page updated 12/27/2022