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If I don’t need to take medicine for my hepatitis B at this time, what must I do to support my liver?

CHB Whats next If you have been carefully evaluated by a knowledgeable doctor and learned you do not need treatment, it is important to continue with regular monitoring of your hepatitis B infection and the health of your liver every 6 months or at least annually because things can change with time - even if you have been in an inactive phase of the virus.

In general, you want to be sure you are living a healthy lifestyle. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, and get regular exercise. Eat a diet full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, plant-based proteins, fish and lean meats. Avoid processed foods and limit sugary drinks (sodas and fruit juices) and foods with added sugar. Limit red and fatty cuts of meat and limit foods deep fried in unhealthy oils. Also be very careful with medications or herbal remedies and supplements. Some supplements and herbs can do more harm than good. Here is more information on how to maintain a healthy liver. Find more healthy liver tips on this episode of our B Heppy podcast with Dr. Jennifer Lai. 

You also want to be sure close household contacts, family members, and sexual partners are tested. We are very lucky that hepatitis B is a vaccine preventable disease. Please visit our webpage to learn more about hepatitis B transmission, and how to protect your loved ones.

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Page updated 05/09/2022