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I am diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B, can I get married and have children?

Yes, you can safely marry and have children if you are living with hepatitis B. Please watch these short #justB videos to see how other people with hepatitis B manage relationships, children and families: Wendy’s story, Heng’s story, William’s story.

Although there is sometimes stigma associated with having hepatitis B and fear of transmission, it should not be that way. There is a safe and effective vaccine to prevent transmitting hepatitis B infection to loved ones. Be sure your future partner is vaccinated with the 3-dose hepatitis B vaccine series given at 0, 1 and 6 months. Practice safe sex using a condom until your partner completes the vaccine series.

Please visit our website section on pregnancy and hepatitis B for more information!

Since marriage is a shared journey, so is the journey with hepatitis B. Assure your partner that you will take good care of your health, and that you will make sure to keep your regular visits to the doctor and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also make sure to involve your partner in every step of the journey, and seek their support when it comes to treatment options, or keeping a healthy lifestyle. 

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Page updated 02/09/2022