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Worrying About Disease Progression

Infographic 3

Worrying about disease progression: Respondents explained how much they worry about the impact of their CHB on their health in the future, and how this impacts their peace of mind and anxiety levels.


  • 55% worry about developing liver cancer.
  • 48% fear they will live a shorter life.

One participant said “Well, my family doctor was telling me that I have 25% of getting liver cancer. So, I kind of very worry about myself. However, with a child, I feel like this is really important for me to carry through my motherhood, you know, to raise the child.”

Take action:

  • Ask your doctor to screen you for liver cancer.
  • Talk to your doctor about treatment options for reducing liver cancer risk.
  • Find a safe space to talk about your worries. HepBCommunity is a free online community where people with hepatitis B share with each other and learn together.