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What People Want: The Most Important Outcomes of Future Hepatitis B Treatments

Infographic 7

Future treatment for hepatitis B: Participants were asked to share what they want new potential treatments to achieve, and share their perspectives on how the new hepatitis B medications under development may impact their lives.


Respondents listed the most important outcomes of future hepatitis B treatments:

  • 28% - loss of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg).
  • 25% - having finite treatment (6-12 months).
  • 20% - reducing the risk of liver cancer.
  • 14% - improving quality of daily life (reducing physical, emotional symptoms and stigma).

One participant said “So it's my dream someday to be kind of like a business owner too. So, I want to have some kind of treatment that enables me to not really be too cautious in my life.”

Take action:

  • Learn about new hepatitis B treatments under development (Drug Watch).
  • Help us advocate for hepatitis B curative research.
  • Engage with scientists at HepBCommunity to share what you want in future hepatitis B treatment.