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Importance of Hepatitis B Screening

Infographic 6

Importance of Hepatitis B Screening: The majority of respondents found out about their hepatitis B by coincidence, indicating the importance of screening and early diagnosis.


  • 56% were tested as part of routine testing (blood donation, pre-marital, or pre- employment).
  • 15% were tested because they were either having symptoms.
  • 8% were tested because a family member was diagnosed.
  • 15% were tested because their doctor recommended it.

One participant said “You know I'm a relatively healthy person in terms of you know other

things. And how did [I] get [hepatitis B], [I] always feel confused and I’m always wondering, I'm a scientist, I want to know why did this happen?”

Take action:

  • Please know that:
    • Hepatitis B is one of the most common viruses worldwide.
    • Hepatitis B can be a silent infection, and everyone should be tested.
  • Encourage your friends and family to get tested for hepatitis B. Early diagnosis is key to a long, healthy life!

  • Share your hepatitis B story. Personal stories are the best way to improve awareness and promote testing for hepatitis B.