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Patient and Provider Opportunities

The Hepatitis B Foundation is pleased to share information about current and upcoming opportunities for people living with hepatitis B and\or D and their providers. These opportunities can be tools and resources, clinical trials, or other research opportunities to learn more from people who have hepatitis B or coinfection with delta. 

New Clinical Trial Opportunity Available for People Living with Chronic Hepatitis B  


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is launching two new phase 3 clinical trials called B Well-1 and B-Well-2, which will test an experimental drug, bepirovirsen, as a potential treatment for hepatitis B. Bepirovirsen, which has not yet been approved for treatment, is designed to stop the hepatitis B virus from making substances that may prevent a person’s immune system from fighting the virus. This can potentially allow the body to gain control over the infection.  

Researchers are hopeful that bepirovirsen may be more effective than current treatment options and may lead to results that continue after treatment ends. Phase 2 clinical trial results showed that 24-weeks of treatment with bepirovirsen reduced HBsAg and hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA in people with chronic hepatitis B. 

To participate in the B Well studies, people need to be at least 18 years old (although the minimum age requirement may be higher in some countries); have a documented hepatitis B infection for at least six months; and have been on antiviral therapy with a nucleoside/nucleotide analogue (NA, such as tenofovir or entecavir) for the lastsix months. The study is being run in many countries around the world. 

In the B Wellstudies, participants will be randomized into different study groups. Some people will be given bepirovirsen to add to  their current NA treatment, to see if this results in greater reduction of HBsAg and HBV DNA – and to see if this reduction is sustained after treatment ends. Some people will receive a placebo as well as continuing with their regular NA therapy 

Clinical trials provide a great opportunity to help advance hepatitis B research and give people with hepatitis B access to new treatments. To find out more information and see if you might be eligible, please visit   

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If you are living with hepatitis delta, are at least 18 years old, and live in the United States, Mongolia, Algeria, Morocco, or Argentina, you are invited to participate in a new research opportunity! IQVIA and the Hepatitis B Foundation want to better understand the experience of living with hepatitis delta, including signs, symptoms, and impacts, to ensure that the voices of those with lived experience are included in the development of clinical trials and clinical management. This study does NOT include any treatment and will simply involve a 60-minute phone interview. You will receive compensation for your time! Share your story today - email  

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Are you living with hepatitis delta virus (HDV) in the United States? Join a new research study! Researchers from the University of Miami are interested in hearing your experiences with diagnosis and treatment, to improve access to appropriate and individualized care. The study involves a one-hour virtual interview, and compensation is available! If you are interested in participating, please complete a brief survey here!


Disclaimer – The opportunities listed on this page do not represent all available opportunities. The Hepatitis B Foundation receives funding to provide information about the specific opportunities listed on this page. The Hepatitis B Foundation follows IRB-approved protocols and our own Corporate Ethics Policy for all listings. If you are interested in having an opportunity listed on this page, please email