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Locating Clinical Trials

How can I locate a Clinical Trial near me?

The clinical trials website is a global database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies. The website is managed by the National Institutes of Health U.S. National Library of Medicine. This is an excellent resource for finding studies in all 50 U.S. states and in 201 countries around the world. Before participating in a clinical trial, it is important to get information about the potential risks and benefits

You can search for hepatitis B clinical trials anywhere in the world with the button below. You can also search for hepatitis Delta and liver cancer clinical trials by visiting their pages on the website. 

hepbfoundation hepb banner6

You can also search for clinical trials using the National Institutes of Health's website. Steps to navigating the website are listed below. 

To search the clinical trials database manually, follow these steps:

1. Visit, and you will see the screen below:


2. Search for hepatitis B clinical trials

Under the “Search” section, in the “Condition/Disease” box, input ‘hepatitis B.’

You may also choose to input ‘HBV’ and/or ‘hep B’ into the “Other Terms” section, to be sure to pick up studies that refer to hepatitis B by another name.

In the “Other terms” section, you can even input a specific trial number or drug name to narrow your search.

In the “Country” section, enter your location. If you are in the U.S., you can also include the state and city where you live. For other countries, you may list a city. You can also include a specified distance with the number of miles from your specified location. (Note: It may be necessary to expand your search beyond your local area in order to find a trial.)

Click “Search” to see your search results.


You will be taken to a page with a list of the clinical trials that fit your search criteria – all hepatitis B trials for the location you have selected. These will include trials that are looking for participants as well as those that are not yet recruiting, or have completed.

B43. Narrow your search by recruitment status

There are many filters, but the most helpful for you will be “Recruitment status, which provides the best options for currently active clinical trials including: 

  • “Not yet recruiting”
  • “Recruiting”
  • “Enrolling by invitation”
  • “Active, not recruiting”

If you are looking for a trial to join immediately, “recruiting” would be the best option, although it may be useful to be aware of trials that will soon be recruiting, or studies that are not recruiting, but have active participants. It is always helpful to know where there may be leading hepatitis B research and expertise near you.

Before narrowing your search further, it is important to know your disease specifics so that you can use additional filters. You will see filters that will help you narrow your search on the left side of the page. Some filters include “eligibility criteria” (age, gender, etc.) and “study type.”


This is a brief guide on locating a clinical trial for hepatitis B and may not address all your specific concerns. You may consider asking your doctor for more information about clinical trials and what best fits the needs of your condition. For additional guidance on locating on a clinical trial, visit our Narrowing Your Search Further page or the website